Finding Stars by Co-ordinates?

I have a list of star co-ordinates from a star catalog, but they do not come up in GM.

I have tried entering them into EDSM, but apparently the stars have not been discovered yet, so they don't seem to be available there.

Does anybody know how to find stars by their co-ordinates, as opposed to their names?

I might suggest that FDev allow for the search of stars by co-ordinates, along with the star name's in GM, with the entry field being able to accept either.

Gal Map is a better search than EDSM, try all the various names of the stars, they may be under other catalogue names.
I would not bother with trying to calculate ED coords from the directional/distance real-life data, its not back-of-a--packet scibblings, and the rl values are pretty vague and "inaccurate" for Distance. We are still bad at measuring distances within our Galaxy.

(someone is bound to have an excel doc for it, just dont bother trying to do it yourself)
Spansh can tell you the nearest system it knows - often close enough to give and idea, but as you found with that previous system - they're not always in the same place in ED. Which is a game, and not a galaxy simulation that tracks RL incredibly closely.
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