Firework display

Hello My idea for firework display!

I know that there is no fireworks - It's just electrions, Lasers, Water but it's should be good enough if firework would be added in.

Most of Theme park in real life have fireworks shows in sometime in months. but I would like to have them in my own park lol
Would be cool, if it's not in-game they should make an expansion for it. I'm sure (almost) everybody will buy it ^^
Free expansions would be cool, but I don't think that's how the economics work ;)
Every rct game got an expansion, so hopefully this game will have them also ;)
i think this type of expansions should be free. I can find it good if they do expansions like in rct3 like soaked or wild, but not for this type of things. Free content is always a good thing.