First bug found in New update!

Ok just found out that the raw materials that come off the crystal shards now drop through the ground so collision detection has been broken on that one. It only affectes the star spiked shaped materials though, the crystalline lumps are all good and drop to the ground.
You can still collect both types but the spiked ones go through any object they hit like they are not there!? But if you get to them before they drop to ground level you can still collect. But very annoying having to chase them to catch before they disappear below ground lost forever!
I noticed in SuperCruise that the Scanner Range is now fully speed-dynamic and (IMHO) acts regardless of set Scanner Range (?)
A tad unusual accelerating/decelerating and seeing the Scanner range change all the time.

(it used to be dependent on either next locked Ship distance - with no lock, on proximity of nearest Gravity Well; otherwise and clear of everything mostly on set Scanner Range)

No idea if that's a feature/intended change or a bug.

It'll take a little bit getting used to, Main Star on the Scanner always appears to "race off on the Scanner" as the Ship slows down after arrival in new System ;)



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Well, it took me five minutes to come across a new bug, and I wasn't looking for any. It's not major, but quite annoying if you wish to explore surface signals down on a planet: their ID numbers are now cropped out on the Navigation panel. See issue here. The number is still visible if you target them, but if you wish to visit, say, all 8 biological signals on a planet, you have to click through them all.
Not a big bug, but quite annoying. Hopefully it won't take months to fix.

Then here comes another: surface signals lost on relog, need to fire another DSS probe at an already mapped planet to make them reappear.
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