First undiscovered Giant Star

Is a 36.9609 solar radius impressive? It's the first undiscovered big one that I've run across. I've been in the cockpit both on XBox and PC for a combined three-ish years. K giant was orbited by three significantly smaller K class stars and an additional G class. One of the K's had a belt.

K (Yellow-Orange giant) Star (Scoopable)

Distance to arrival:

0 ls

First scanned for EDSM by:


Estimated value:

1,232 cr


2,922 million years

Full Spectral Class:

K7 IIab



Solar masses:


Solar radius:


Surface temperature:

4,011 K

Absolute magnitude:


Orbital period:

56.0 d

Semi major axis:

0.19 au

Orbital eccentricity:


Orbital inclination:


Arg of periapsis:


Rotational period:

20.5 d

Axial Tilt:

0.0000 °
Yeah, I just scrolled through the records on EDSM. Largest K class star was 94 and change, so 1/3 the record. Anyhow, it's my first and only so I'm happy.
That is what it is all about, being happy you are out in the black. With 400,000,000,000 stars records are like snowflakes. They come, they go. Enjoy the ride. I think we all have our personal favorites. Mine are AEBEs. Some have glowing gas shrouds that make them just awesome to me. I'm a sucker for small rockies too, as my landers can verify ;)
K and M giants are actually fairly easy to find, because they stick out somewhat in the skybox. Just look out of the cockpit, and if you see a rather notable orange dot, then it is very likely a K-giant. To pinpoint the actual system in the galaxy map, that's the actual challenge, even though they also have a slightly different image there in the realistic map. It's basically "pin" a system in the vicinity (going back and forth between realistic galaxy map and cockpit view), and then search nearby in the galaxy map (as said, the K giant sticks somewhat out compared to the depiction of "regular" K stars). And of course remember that the exact type of star is shown in the system details on the left side of the galaxy map - giants have the roman numeral II or III, super-giants I (e.g. K8 IIb is a K giant, K0 Vab is a normal star, DC0 VII is a (white) dwarf).
Found me 8 K giants this way (+ one or two M-giants) in the last days. Stumbled over quite a nest between Eephaih WM-H d11-55 and Eocs Fraae ON-J d9-1.
Alas, this method has not been successful for me, while looking for other (GFABO) giants 🤔
I guess it's because regular KMLTY stars are not shown in the skybox, only the KM giants. While normal GFABO in the vicinity are drawn in the skybox, and thus their giants seem not to stick out (as much?). Also worth mentioning, that I am currently not exactly in the center of the galaxy, which makes it easier to discern individual stars in the cockpit as well as in the galaxy map.
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