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Interesting article.

France trumpets to its people that it is going to close a few nuclear power plants, and at the same time, hosts the largest nuclear reactor in the world. :D

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It remains a nuclear reactor in the same way that a heat gun remains a gun. I'd suggest documenting on the matter, makes for a very interesting read. 😉
You cannot say that this reactor is harmless with its plasma at 150 million °C and its refrigeration at -260° :)

Then the plasma simply stops being, since it's not self-sustaining and requires huge, advanced and incredibly complex machinery to be kept in its state. That's also incidentally the reason why we have had fission reactors for the last 80 years but we still can't manage to build a working (and economically feasible, most importantly) fusion one.
In any case, there are a lot of articles from specialists who claim that ITER is very dangerous.

For exemple :

The 2002 Nobel Prize for Physics, the Japanese Masatoshi Koshiba, explained as early as March 10, 2003 in a letter sent to Prime Minister Koizumi that "The ITER nuclear reactor, which burns tritium, is extremely dangerous from the point of view of safety and contamination of the environment. The 2 kg of tritium circulating in ITER could kill 2 million people. The radioactive flux of 2 kg of tritium is about the same level as that produced by the Chernobyl accident. "

"The radioactivity of the device walls and construction materials will produce 40,000 tonnes of nuclear waste." This waste will have a lifespan of around a thousand years.

The Japanese refused to receive ITER on their soil

Besides, there are not many volunteers. "And France is devoted" ... :)

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Tritium has an half-life of 12.3 years but yeah, irradiated materials will stay irradiated for thousands, no trilions of billions of thousands years. Ok. Fusion energy is bad and we'll all die from it in a huge explosion of radioactive debris. Enjoy life while it lasts!
The metallic Torus containing the plasma will be the only highly radioactive component of the fusion reactor. And normally it wont be changed at all during the whole lifetime of the reactor.

Is a fusion reactor dangerous? Of course it is! But it is substantially and so many magnitudes less dangerous than a fission one.
ITER will literally be like having the sun in a bottle.

You know, that bright glowing thing in the sky. Funny that manny ecologist only swear for solar pannels, and claim to be rid of nuclear energy. While in fact they rely on the oldest and biggest nuclear reactor of the whole solar system. :)
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