Fix the wolves. PLEASE.

Seriously, this is the absolute biggest issue I have with this game at the moment, right off the bat. There have been multiple threads about this from the Beta already, yet it seems to not be fixed.

Wolves are PACK ANIMALS. The Zoopedia even acknowledges this! So WHY, then, can we not have realistic wolf packs without them all fighting and killing eachother?? It's absolutely ridiculous. Their max social group is set to 2, 1 male and 1 female... which is absolutely not AT ALL how wolves work? Wolves are social animals? They live in family packs? They shouldn't be immediately trying to kill eachother the SECOND the pups grow up! We should be able to keep family members together without fighting. They're WOLVES. The ENTIRE THING about wolves that is interesting is their pack dynamic- so why, in a zoo game in which the biggest advertising point is how "realistic and lifelike" the animals are, can we not have wolves in packs? That is the most BASIC thing about wolves! How can you get THAT, of all things, wrong?? And this was even mentioned multiple times during the beta! So why is it still an issue now, at full release??

Now, secondly to pack behavior, which should honestly be the most BASE LEVEL thing wolves should have, they are all the EXACT same color, pattern, etc... there is literally 0 variation, despite the game literally advertising that individual animals are supposed to be unique and look different from eachother. Zebras even have differing stripe patterns, so why do wolves, who have more color variations than ANY other wildlife species on Earth, have absolutely no variation whatsoever ingame??

Why don't we have black wolves or white wolves or brown wolves or... literally ANY other color besides plain gray with the EXACT same pattern and markings??

Honestly, I find this extremely disappointing. You advertised having the most realistic animals in any game- but even Zoo Tycoon 2, a game that's over 10 years old, has more realistic animal behaviors and color variations.

The fact that even the most BASIC behavioral fact about wolves has been completely stripped from this game honestly ruins the entire game for me- because if the most basic fact about wolves is wrong, then who knows what ELSE this game got wrong and ruined? At this point this game's whole advertising campaign has just been false advertising.

"Realistic animals", yeah, no. Sure, they look realistic- but they certainly don't BEHAVE realistically. I bought this game for animals that actually behave like they're supposed to, animals that actually feel lifelike to at least SOME extent- all the animals do in this game is wander around aimlessly, sometimes play with toys or eat, mate and have babies, and kill eachother. And you can't even have a damn wolf pack.

Come on, Frontier. This needs to be fixed.
Totally agree with you,but it's not only about the wolves anymore - it's about all the habitat animals.There were multiple threads regarding that topic in the beta (I made one,too),because the selling point for a lot of people were exactly these most realistic looking and behaving animals.As I already said during the beta,all the solo stuff animations are really great,but there are no social interactions except from mating.They advertised that each animal would be unique,for example through fur colour,markings and different personalities.A lot of people complained about these things not being in the beta and the dev answer was that these things are just not implemented in the beta,but will be in the full game..and look what happens now.
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Yeah, I'm aware it's a general issue for animal behavior in general- wolves are just the main one I've been actually observing, and they're the ones with the biggest identifiable issue bc pack behavior is literally the BASE fundamental behavior about wolves, and if Frontier can't manage to pull off something as simple as making wolves able to pack with family members... who knows where ELSE the game is lacking as well?
Yeahhhh wolf packs are literally made up of a breeding pair and their offspring, kinda strange the children are killing their parents as soon as they grow up. What is this, Game of Thrones: Zoo Edition? I'm avoiding wolves until this gets fixed.

Anyone have any insight into how African wild dogs compare? Because they were just as bad in the beta, fighting as soon as they grew up.
I have come to the conclusion that the devs likely ran out of time. I'm sure introducing a new game mode didn't help (and I wish they hadn't, it could have been added later). So now we need to firmly keep requesting that developement continue but it could be quite some time before we see this actually fixed.
I agree! Wolves were the animals I was most excited for, but I can't have a pack. Has anyone ever got more than 2 to live together? As soon as the pups age up, they start to fight their parents.
I've managed to get a pack together, somewhat, in Sandbox... but I had to turn fighting off to do so, and each time I want to swap out for new alphas(always the previous pair's offspring + one new addition as their mate bc I wanna be somewhat realistic here lol) bc the old pair is getting old, I have to move everyone out but the new alpha pair, turn fighting back on temporarily(because for some reason wolves don't get the alpha tag even if alone in the habitat unless fighting is turned on, as if the game is ACTIVELY trying to PREVENT you from having a pack of wolves EVEN IN SANDBOX), wait till the new pair get tagged as alpha, and then turn fighting back off, reload the save(bc when you turn it back off after turning it on, it doesn't register as off until you reload), and then move all the other wolves back in.

It's extremely tedious, but it's literally the ONLY way you can actually have a proper wolf pack.
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