flack launcher on PS4

hello i've been triing to hunt thargoids, i've seen some viedeos about it, in the video when the flack explodes you see a nice explosion, on my game I see nothing, is this just my problem or other ps4 users have it
Are you using the normal flak cannons or the remote release flak launcher ? If you're using the remote release flak launcher then are you holding down the trigger long enough for the payload to clear your ship before you release the trigger and detonate it ?
I beleive the animation might be bugged as I use thier nasty PvP cousins quite a lot.

I never see an explosion, merely damage. So meh, it's not a huge issue but still, would be nice to see a bit of a bang.
Hi , i mean remote release flack launcher If you watch this video,
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1vgy9v0ib0&t=181s
, at 9:52, whe he release the trigger, the flack explodes and you actually see the explosion. On my play I don't see anything, I ve tried to explode the flack few meters from the ship and nothing happens, I don't see the actual explosion. I though it was a bug, but I haven't found nothing on the web and on the ps4 forums
Sorry I should clarify, I meant the Flechette Launchers (Basically the same weapon only takes out modules underneath shields rendering shield tanks kind moot)

No explosion from those either. Pretty sure its a bug man. :/
Now I see what you mean. And now that I think of it, while I was hunting Thargoids this weekend the RRFL lacked the explosion effect, too. This must be a new-ish bug, that's maybe even present on the other platforms too, since I remember using the RRFL to produce harmless (to CMDRs at least) fireworks at events up to maybe half a year ago.
If you guys want to, you can add your own observations to the report. So that FDev doesn’t think it’s a one off. Also once enough people post their experiences it becomes a confirmed bug.
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