[ALLIANCE] Flat Galaxy Society Searches for New Believers

About Flat Galaxy Society

Flat Galaxy Society was founded by war-weary and politically savvy Commanders who wanted to change galactic politics in the core bubble. The search for a suitable system was long and hard but we finally settled on HR 2926. Most of the founding Commanders were Alliance or Independently aligned and democratically leaning and so the Alliance Democracy of the Flat Galaxy Society was born with the aim of spreading democracy and the Alliance philosophy of freedom and respect for independence to the edge of the bubble. After incredible success in promoting our independent democratic friends throughout the region and pushing a large number of systems into democratic control, FGS members now feel the time is right to promote wider democracy and cooperation under our own faction, the Flat Galaxy Society, an Alliance democracy. Our primary focus will be on promoting and expanding our faction throughout the region, securing trade routes, mining locations, shipyards and other facilities in neutral territories. Currently serving up a hot plate of democracy to over 18 billion!

We also run social events including Arena sessions and Eagle racing and offer help and guidance to new commanders looking to make their way in a hostile galaxy. And most importantly they promote the belief that the galaxy is flat (FSV of flat) as confirmed by their leader, the Invisible Pink Unicorn (current whereabouts unknown).

FGS welcomes all career paths among pilots in their ranks with the exception of unprovoked aggression against other Pilots' Federation members.

Where to find us...

HR 2926 is our home system, we also hold a dozen or more systems where you can find us in game!

Our Squadron in game:
right hand panel > Squadrons > Search 'flat' > Flat Galaxy Society > Apply

Discord Information: To become a Believer join here: https://discord.gg/3aXjnY6

Inara wing is at https://inara.cz/wing/2606/

So if you'd like to help promote democracy, cooperation and the Alliance with a humble group of friendly and dedicated commanders, please join our Discord, introduce yourself and have fun!
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Flat Galaxy Society Transitioned Mukulcana & Mirdhing Star System's into Democratic hands today!
2 systems flipped to FGS in one tick is a first for our BGS team. FGS is now serving democracy hot and ready to a happy 15 star systems.

Fly safe commanders, o7
FGS is still looking for coverts & the already faithful to join us. The door is always open to friendly folk & we enjoy helping new Commanders find their feet in this Flat Galaxy
It's been awhile Since I've updated this thread! Since my last post Flat Galaxy Society has been Elected into control of 2 more systems! HIP 33287 & 14 Psi Cancri have been welcomed into the galactic family. The two systems add a little over 6 billion population under Flat Galaxy Society's authority.
An Update today! Flat Galaxy Society peacefully gained control of Satvaneka today! Bringing FGS population to around 19 billion across 20 controlled systems & 45 landable stations!
Explorers this post is for you!

Flat Galaxy Society has taken control of Galindo Ring in HIP 33287, a tourism station. Tourism stations offer a variety of special missions to colonia & Passenger missions to various points of interest across the galaxy!
Some info on the stations namesake: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juan_Galindo
Flat Galaxy Society's recent election in HIP 35755 was a success! Flat Galaxy Society has democratically transitioned control of the system. The system is FGS's 21st, and the roughly the 996th system under alliance control! Great system for bounty hunting and trade!
Flat Galaxy Society has taken Control of LHS 1944! Population under the Democracy is now around 29 Billion. Interested in supporting one of the largest Alliance Democracies by population in game? Join us on discord, pass our quirky questionnaire, and join the cause!
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