Flavour News articles at stations now missing

Frontier I very very much enjoy this game. Im a big fan of manipulating the background sim and causing the rise and fall and expansion of minor factions. However this was more immersive prior to the Beyond Chapter One update.

At stations under the faction summary, traffic report, bounty reports, etc there used to be news articles about the happenings between minor factions within the system. This is a very minor feature but it added alot to the game for me especially when manipulating minor factions is what i spend most my time doing. Its nice to read articles about things ive caused to happen within a system.

I am not certain why these were removed or if it was even intentional. But it added the bells and whistles layer to the game that is now missing. Im sure if it was chosen to be removed it seemed like a minor feature that doesnt affect gameplay and youre right. But in a roleplaying game like this that aspect was greatly appreciated by some.

Id very much like to go back to reading about how one faction is responsible for solving a systemwide famine, or how fighting at a certain station has broken out due to a civil war in the system. It was great adding some narrative to my efforts.

So please if this was unintentional, please fix it. If it was intentional just know that some of us appreciate such small immersive features and would welcome their return.

Thank you.
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