Fleet Carrier and colonization concept - FRONTIER PLEASE READ

Maybe you use the fleet carrier to set up a colony:

Collect participating friends to be part of a colony "fleet" (not required, but available)
Compile money to purchase a fleet carrier and associated components that will comprise the colony infrastructure at the destination (perhaps a joint fund can be established to cultivate a "fleet" effort...otherwise players will have to donate goods to a trusted player that can be sold and go toward the purchase of the fleet carrier)
Identify a target system
All participants load onto the fleet carrier (or travel separately)
Fleet carrier relocates to the target system.
Deploy (disassemble) the fleet carrier: Some fleet carriers are designed to be converted into a base(s), outpost(s), or station(s) depending on how many components are purchased initially (components are a combo of bases, outposts, or even stations depending on costs for modules you build into the fleet carrier)
Fleet members do coordinated activities to setup of the colony like piloting the components to put the station or base together, landing the planetary base components on a target planet, using SRVs to assemble the base, etc.
Once complete, the owners have the option to "advertise" the base on a news feed and register it into the common map...or they can keep it to themselves for a private base or station. Private bases can issue a "permit" for fleet members use. (Frontier will have to figure out specifics on this with respect to game functionality)
Pay-for-services could also be set up to allow players to set up remote bases with repair facilities, etc. on which other players could land...thereby making it possible to grow a player economy.

This would open up entirely new reasons to play ED... and bring a whole new excitement to the game... for pirates, or explorers, entrepreneurs, Thargoid fighting efforts, etc.

Also, from "Player built bases" post:

How about a mobile base of operations?

Originally Posted by Donalbane (Source)
I suggest player built bases. This would encourage:
- Groups to construct bases, thereby expanding the bubble.
- Justify money making efforts to afford the base components.
- Players would have to purchase and transport components (price would control bases expansion rate via ease of acquisition) to the site.
- New surface vehicles would be needed for construction (perhaps new modules for existing SRV, like welder, claw, etc.?).
- Encourage new economy ideas (such as docking fees to owners)
- Cultivate new problems in deep space (such as pirates)
- Define new map views (player built bases)
- Give new reason to own large tankers (such as Type 9) to haul components
- Cultivate group-based permits so they can land on private bases

...the list goes on and on.

Please consider it!
CDR Donalbane

Looks like they did consider it! http://elite-dangerous.wikia.com/wiki/Fleet_Carrier
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