Fleet Carrier BRIDGE!

Totally agree with op. I was hugely disappointed that you just do everything from your ship. Even more so that you don't get to see anything when the carrier jumps. Even a cut scene of the carrier arriving at the new destination after a jump would be better than being stuck in the garage :)

Maybe it is something that is going to be added Soon(TM) :)
I'd love a bridge on a FC, but FDEV recently confirmed there are no plans to add it at this point :(

They also confirmed, a thousand times, that they weren't going to give us space legs. AND YET...!

Keep the hope alive, brothers and sisters. I dream of the day we walk on our space legs to our FC bridges and gaze out at witchspace during a capital-class traversal. Possibly while sipping coffee, black, from our Hutton Orbital mugs.
I, too, would like to see a bridge, especially during a jump. However, I feel the jump "animation" should be different: a lot more epic with new sound. Just an opinion mind, and I'm sure it'd be a lot of work!

There is no jump animation, that's the problem. Your FC basically disapears from one place and reappears in another, all the noise and black clouds are just smoke and mirrors, putting a bridge in would reveal this to clearly.
I would like to know who is aboard , who has donated trituim and a notice board for all whi lands can see if your thinking of moving the FC and where . Ability to multi jump to a system and transfer fuel to the tanks . It would also be nice to be hailed as hello Boss your sheep and quarters are awaiting for your return and we have strewn rose petals along the corridors.
These are all reasonable requests.
Especially the strewing.
I firmly believe the Bridge is one of the hooks to lure existing players into Next Era. I would be amazed if it doesn't feature the opportunity to visit, maybe even walk around, the Bridge.

Non- Next Era players will forever have to stare at a hangar wall when hyperjumping :D
Much like ship interiors.
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