Fleet Carrier Livery

I already spent my Arx points purchased yesterday on ship related stuff and I have a feeling the leftover points won't even remotely cover a single item for FCs (3,000 Arx remaining iirc).
hmmmm - nicely spotted everyone!

....Looks kind of expensive....but....it's not everyday we get 'something new'....

I'll stretch to a single purchase - but impress me FDev, and i'm sure i'll buy more (More ATC's please! 😉)
3 Layouts - 12450 each
44 paint jobs - 2750 each
8 holo-marker colors 3650 each
8 drive colors 4180 each
5 ATC voice packs - 4870 each
Take one of each = 27900 ARX
I won't spend any money on the Arx store anymore (for the time being). Luckily this decision is made easy, because imho the standard carrier looks better then the other three layout options anyway.
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