Fleet Carrier stuck inside exclusion zone of white dwarf Chaluia FS-A d1-4

cmdr zer0axis tried a run to WoD. "Yeah not quite sure why, but whenever I chose it to land in orbit above 'the world of death', the carrier would just spawn in orbit around the furthest star in the system... It didn't really matter which astronomical body I chose it to spawn next to, it'd always appear in orbit around that furthest star! Though things may have changed now as I've heard of people's carriers spawning within the jet cones of neutron stars during this beta, so may be worth checking out just incase"

You can find a FC+neutron star video here: https://youtu.be/cxX5mmTg-H0

cmdr Dr. Nagi from Fleetcom and the AXI squadron also sent a FC to Jackson's Lighthouse for experimentals.
I sent my carrier to a random white dwarf and it parked safely outside the jets or exclusion zone, the view was nice though :)
It seems to be fairly random where exactly they end up.
Hi Molan!

We've sent the AA and towed your Fleet Carrier to a safer location, so you should be able to log in now :) Let me know if you manage!

Team are looking into the issue at hand as well, thanks for reporting it!
Are you implying he was drunk when he parked his FC in the exclusion zone and sent the in experts to move it and then sent in the AA to help him with he booze addiction? LOL.

I think it would ordinarily be the triple-A, but their organization has depreciated in the distant future...
UK based and the AA got in before AA and AAA is Anti Aircraft Artillery or Amateur Athletics Association neither of which seem appropriate.
It's RAC here, for some reason Australia decided to keep the Royal while the UK got rid of it, so Royal Automobile Club, strange!
AA was the first invention of an auto rescue club, and it was in Britain. Believe it or not, the "rescue men on motorbikes" used to salute you if there was a speed trap ahead ! I can vaguely remember that as a child: they abandoned it when there were too many members displaying the characteristic AA yellow and chrome badge.

(So the o7 came from the AA !) :D

The RAC started up as a rival organization at a later date, the Royal Automobile Club ... somehow they received royal patronage.

🤭 USA copied the idea, but added an extra A to make it Automobile Association of America. Presumably that is why Australia picked RAC instead.
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