Fleet Carriers - Beta 1 has ended, Thank you!

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Stephen Benedetti

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders,

The Fleet Carriers Update - Beta 1 has now closed!

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the beta. Throughout this beta you helped us make major changes towards improving the functionality of Fleet Carriers with your fantastic feedback and diligent testing. During Beta 1 we reduced upkeep costs, updated the debt threshold to relieve pressure on Fleet Carrier management and reduced a number of service costs. To find out more, you can read the feedback changes we posted here.

The development team have already started working on remaining feedback and issues you have provided as well as preparing for Beta 2. This second beta starts in May and will be available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. We will be posting updates and key information about the second beta closer to the time on all of our channels.

Thank you once again Commanders!

Keep up the great work!

Without the desire to grind 5 billion credits, I'll just assume FC's are turning out awesome ;-)

If you don't consider allowing squadrons to share an FC, perhalps you could make one sized for a wing (four large ships, space to store 12, refueling and module markets) that costs less?

You could call it a "Wing Carrier."
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No problem! I landed on one once. Flew around it for a few minutes. Then I deleted the beta install. Good luck with your carrier idea!
Excellent work team! I look forward to what you folks cook up for us in Beta 2 in May. After those great changes, Beta 1 went very well!

Thank you much for your hard work and be safe all in these troubled times!
FCs have a lot of potential, but have a long way to go yet, imo (the first set of changes was a good start though).

Looking forward to seeing the next beta.
i still find very sad that anything for Squadrons is missing, let's call it Flag Ship instead of Fleet Carrier
and make it shared effort for teamwork while controlled by leader
Whether I like or dislike the new content, or whether I will or will not use it when it arrives, I can only admire the amount of patience and dignity with which you deal with the s-storm you got after the first beta. Regardless of what I personally think (or will think) about future updates, I hope you keep this attitude and never give up maintaining and developing Elite.
Thanks a lot team! Yes, some stuff could further be tweaked and some minor changes could be made (swapping commodity market and shipyard), but overall, I am impressed. Where is the "Make Fleet Carriers free or I'm quitting" squad?
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