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And let's be honest here, when some of us started playing years ago the cost of an Anaconda seemed unthinkably huge. I remember thinking I would never be able to afford one and couldn't conceive of me playing the game long enough to earn that much.

Now players can earn enough mining in a single day to afford a Conda so it's about time there was something to aim for for the newer players.
Back in my day I had to work for a week to get one rubbish laser upgraded.

Yells at distant tree
Hmm, yes. If what the article wrote, FD really is trying to win the most dimwitted game designer award. We don't know the details yet, but RL-time based maintenance cost are a surefire way to keep part of the community busy, while making absolutely sure that those who took a break won't ever return.

I've seen that happen in other games. A good example was a MUD I played in old times, which had running costs on ships. You could put provisions on the ships for about 6 weeks. So after every semester break people returned, found that their ships were gone. And don't even think of people who had accident and were in hospital for a while. One of my friends lost everything there after a skiing accident. The usual reaction was to migrate to another game.

So yay! We really have to congratulate FD for this "awesome idea". Whenever something has proven to be absolutely terrible for a games community, you can bet that FD will find a way to put it into their game. But hey, what should I say? It's their game they once again are intentionally hurting. :rolleyes:

Perhaps we are lucky and the article is completely wrong. But if what they write is right, then somebody at FD is working hard on cutting down the player base and making sure that people who take a break won't have any motivation to return.
Fair points.

I have not had personal experience asking FDEV to reinstate in-game assets, but I have heard multiple stories of CMDRs who contacted them with a reasonable request and reason, and had assets returned in game. I would like to think that if you were hospitalized and came back to find your carrier missing, they would help you out if you asked nicely.
After 2 years of playing at least 3 times a week, I've got 1.4 billion in the bank... and that includes several sessions of VO mining back, just to make money - I admit I never went at it in a dedicated "I-Think-I'll-Watch-Netflix-Whilst-I-Spend-3-Hours-Mining" sort of a way, but I still thought I'd made a nice little wad of cash.

I've no interest in interacting with other players, so I play in Solo.

With FCs costing about 4 times what I gained in 2 years of enjoyable gaming at a level I thought was reasonably realistic for some space traveller, I'm not going to be able to get one. Unless I suck it up and go and do whatever activity makes a load of cash for a few hours, which frankly, doesn't sound like fun. It was tedious enough hunting VOs, (though great fun actually blowing the rocks up).

I would have liked one to carry my little flying circus of ships around easily, rather than having them scattered about the bubble, but they're definitely not aimed at players like me. They seem more aimed at squadrons with multiple players who like the MMO aspect. Which I can understand, but I can't say I'm not really rather disappointed about it.

Oh well, back to enjoying myself in other ways :) For those who can, enjoy the Carriers; they look cool.
Just go to Beagle Point and back like 4-5 times, and you'll get 5 bl just for exploration :) I like that it's not that easy to buy those, even if I only have 1 bl at the moment. Going to dig some LTD to buy one.
Don't believe that contradicts anything I said, so we agree that a player can in fact make 100m an hour in the game today.

You might notice I was specifically responding to someone who suggested only players who had milked Robigo years ago could afford a carrier. At the time, you could also only make that kind of money by doing a single activity, so things are exactly as they always have been - you have an absurd moneymaker and then you have the rest of the game.

The only real difference is that Robigo got nerfed to the moon and back, as did long supercruise passenger rmissions and virtually every other form of income generation I can think of, yet you can make 100m an hour today from mining after FDEv's 'balancing pass' and with no indication that another is on the way.
I only see mining that good. Exploration and passengers missions (my main activities) are not that lucrative
Prices are ok. My CMDR is 11 mo old. was not online 3 mo out of 11 as well.
Made initial billion for ships flying around and looking visuals.
Then I made galaxy round which gave me another 3 bils (was checking for RAXXLA around :D ).
...and during last month mining 1-2 day(s)/week gave me 1.5bil.

So ye, plenty of money in game. Just pitty older content gets under priced.
I'm interested in what the details are for weekly upkeep.

I dont imagine the game taking away a 5 billion investment because you failed to login in a while... but perhaps all services shutdown and you lose the ability to move it etc until the debts are paid (obviously they would stop growing once it shut down)

5 billion is not a lot of credits in the current game economy. Credits are easy to get. 5 billion will be no problem - especially when that effort is spanned across a couple months.

edit: Also, i wonder the owner's power allegiance functions for the carrier when we are in uninhabited systems. Utopia needs some deep space systems. For the SimArchives ...yea... not for secret military shipyards ...nope.
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Greetings Commanders,

We're thrilled to announce that the first look at the upcoming Fleet Carrier update will be coming to your screens on Thursday, 2 April! Lead Server Developer, Dav Stott, and Game Designer, Luke Betterton, will join us on a special video to talk us through what these vast vessels are and how they'll be shaking up the galaxy!

Since the initial reveal of Fleet Carriers, we've examined the concept of predefined load-outs and decided to invest additional time to ensure that fleet carriers offer the same level of flexibility and customization as other ships within Elite Dangerous. We've done this by adding more loadout options to make your carrier unique, and allow for player-to-player interaction like you've never seen before in Elite Dangerous!

Squirming in your cockpit chair wanting to know more details? Here is some key information on Fleet Carriers - but for the entire content reveal, tune in to our Pre-Recorded Stream on YouTube, on 2 April at 18:00 (UTC). Although we won't be live, our team will be there in the chat to answer any questions that you may have.

  • One of your most frequent questions about Fleet Carriers was: How much do they cost? Fleet Carriers will be a lucrative investment, costing 5,000,000,000cr at launch.​
  • Fleet Carriers are individually owned and feature 16 landing pads (of varying sizes) for other players to dock at.​
  • Fleet Carriers use a new fuel, Tritium, to jump from system to system.​
  • Fleet Carriers have a max jump range of 500LY at one time, with the ability to jump whenever the owner wants, however, they will have a build up and cool down period between jumps.​
  • You can manage your carrier's finances by setting tariffs and adjusting the buying and selling prices for commodities traded in it's market.​
As it currently stands, we're aiming to launch the Fleet Carriers update in June and will be calling all commanders to experience Fleet Carriers (as both visitors and owners) in two upcoming public betas before the update is live! The first beta will begin on 7 April for PC only, and the second beta which will be launched on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, will take place in May. Please note that there is a chance that these time frames may change slightly in the coming weeks, but we'll keep you up to date on the specific times, dates and instructions.

See you there, Commanders.
Ha, 5B CR! My LTD mining (before the mining demand changes) have been vindicated, vindicated I tell ya! 😄 ...your wasting your time they said, they won't cost more then 2B CR they said.

Pats himself on the back, washes hands with glee and soap for 20 seconds.

I could buy one now annnddd.......have 300M CR left. Just 300M.......I feel poor already. That's good!

Using Tritium as a fuel source? Nice. Even better is something I'd never thought Frontier would do - local commodity markets for a carrier, with the ability to set tariffs! Hopefully I can charge Feds 30% extra! Please Frontier, make it happen! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: BGS collapse be damned!

I was a bit meh about the Carriers and recently the game. Was done playing pirate and even posting much on here much, was playing and enjoying other games on Xbox while working from home, living in this depressing Outbreak/Lockdown state. Hope your all safe Commanders.

But now, now, something is happening in Elite Dangerous! I'm.....excited? Its an odd feeling, not one I've had about this game for so so long.

We're even getting console betas!




What mirror universe is this?!? What's happening?

I need to lie down...until Thursday next week.
Just go to Beagle Point and back like 4-5 times, and you'll get 5 bl just for exploration :)
Yeah, see, that just does not sound like fun :D I want to go to BP to enjoy the achievement at having gone to the far edge of the galaxy, to be viewed like climbing a serious mountain, not to be something to repeat like a visit to the next town and back for a visit to the pub. :)

I like the idea that FCs wouldn't be really easy to buy, but I don't think they should verge on the unattainable for a solo player who isn't focussed on just one or two money-making activites.
Quote "You can manage your carrier's finances by setting tariffs and adjusting the buying and selling prices for commodities traded in it's market. " Quote
This gave me a good laugh.
Pilots are going to be lining up to help you support your FC.
No mention of Support Ships. Has the idea been abandoned? Since we've seen screenshots the assets already exist. Oh well, we'll know in a week.

I built up a Cr 10 billion Fleet Carrier Purchase Fund last year, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. I'm now wondering if Frontier have looked at players doing this and said to themselves, "All right then, now we know what the market will bear. Cr 5 billion for the base carrier and the same again for outfitting."

I can see the logic in scrapping the carriers of players who are no longer active in the game. But I hope they at least add a 'mothballing' option for players who know they're going to be out of the game for a while.
Has there been any news on how much to upgrade a FC to A-grade ? Do the costs scale like the other ships ? Cost to upgrade a Cutter is several times the base cost. Whoa, that's going to really raise the credit bar. Plus, what is up-gradable ?
Quote "You can manage your carrier's finances by setting tariffs and adjusting the buying and selling prices for commodities traded in it's market. " Quote
This gave me a good laugh.
Pilots are going to be lining up to help you support your FC.
your flight group would be those pilots. they would theoretically share in the benefit of your group having one. everyone wouldn't need one.
Because some people are complaining about the price:

1. It's supposed to be an end-game goal for professional, engaged players. If you want to experience carriers, simply ask someone who has one or play in open. As for my squad, we're gonna have one each on launch day (shameless advertisement for BSD1).
2. If you want to have one, mining isn't hard. It will take you like 36 hours of LTD mining to get one.
3. If you are the type of player who will actually make use of it, you should have the money already. If you simply want the biggest toy you can get, this is not the game for you.
4. You will be able to make some money off of your carrier by selling stuff with tax.
This is slam full of bad assumptions. Have devoted months and months of my life to this game and have nowhere near that kind of money because I don't bumrush credit mining opportunities. Just because I don't have the money already does not mean I would not make good use of all of this.
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