ANNOUNCEMENT Fleet Carriers - Content Reveal Announcement

I've got 800M already and I haven't been out mining that much. The biggest load I've hauled is maybe 50 tonnes and I've only done one a week or so. Five billion will require some grind but not much.

Stephen Benedetti

Community Manager
Look forward to it! Will there be a questions thread for the stream, or are questions hoovered up from all over?
Hey @Rubbernuke,

As always, we'll try our best to answer questions wherever possible. During the Content Reveal livestream, Dav, Luke and the community team will be in the chat.

Following the stream, we'll also be posting up a recap here on the forums.
Uhh, no. Nothing that serves any in-game purpose other then 'looks good' should ever be able to be bought with ARX (and by extension, real money). That'd be the beginning of the very, very slippery Pay-to-Win slope.
FCs won't win you anything though.
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