ANNOUNCEMENT Fleet Carriers Update - Beta 2 - Date Announcement

I fulli agree with these 👆

The idea of mining Tritium is not bad per se.
The problem is the quantity required vs. time required vs. ships capacity:

My main concerns and possible solutions:

Purchasing Tritium in the bubble is still a big time investment. You pay for it and you still need to move it 1 by 1 with your ship from the station to the FC. This needs to go!
When I buy it from a station the Tritium should be directly transferred to the FC.
Alternatively it should be compacted (zipped) in bigger canister. So for example 10,000 units of Tritium can be stored in a 500 unit canister just for the transfer.

When I find a Tritium hotspot how many asteroids will have Tritium? If I only get 1 every 3 or 4 (like mining LTD in a triple hotspots) goodbye fun and welcome grind!
The quantity required is excessive compared to the average time required to mine commodities. Not everyone likes mining so when you have to spend hours to fill your tanks doing something you don't like there's no more fun so goodbye ED.
To keep Tritium mining reasonable it should be very common in hotspots. All asteroids should have a yield greater than 20%.
Core asteroids should be way more common. Every asteroid that reacts to the pulswave analyzer needs to have a Tritium core with more than 15 tritium units, so no false positive!!! This is just a waste of time.
1 hour of hard-core mining (so including laser, surface, sub-surface and deep-core) should allow anyone to fill the FC tanks (1000 units).

Fleet Carrier should have a Tritium Fuel Scoop optional module:

When the FC is parked on a planet orbit with an ice ring, the module will refill the FC with Tritium automatically. Slower compared to mining of course. Something that you do overnight or when you don't play the game (rate is 250 units every 6 hours).

New fuel scoop ship module to extract Tritium from ice rings:
this new module requires a big slot (6 for example). To scoop Tritium you need to fly in Supercruise within a maximum range from the ice ring (so very close without falling into it). It requires a minimum speed, so it can'be done in idle mode.

Agree. Frankly I have never found Tritium as a core 4000LY out from bubble. Are you saying you have found it in core?
ok maybe somebody can help me out, I'm logging in through steam on PC - I DO NOT have Fleet Carriers Update Beta 2 on my list, I DO have Fleet Carriers Update Beta so I installed it thinking it will update to Beta 2. When I go into it, it always says Login Failure. I still don't have Beta 2 on my list to install. Multiple reboots, etc haven't worked.
I DO have Fleet Carriers Update Beta so I installed it ...

That's the one. Have you tried to log out the machine and try again?
Poor instructions for ps4.

So I do step 1 and 2 fine.
Step 3 is a bit flakey because there are no instructions to "follow the steps to generate a code". But there is a menu option in the top right of the web page and clicking on it offers a link to the left for "fleet carriers beta key". Clicking on that only gives a link back to this webpage.

Lol is this just another ED grind "game"?
where might one find a "Sales Point" please?
They are listed in the testing guidelines post

Greetings Commanders

We are excited to announce that the Fleet Carriers Update - Beta 2 will run from 11 May to 26 May, starting and ending at 11:00 AM (UTC).

We've very excited to bring you this beta, which is coming to you on all platforms for the very first time. Whether you're on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you'll be able to take part!

As a reminder we will be using the saved game data from the live game taken from 30 April (remember what happens in the beta stays in the beta!).

PC Commanders will be able to join the beta following these steps:
  1. Open Steam (If you use the Elite Dangerous launcher skip to step 4).
  2. Open Elite Dangerous in your library.
  3. Select 'Elite Dangerous: Horizons' on the Steam launcher (even if you don't own Horizons, Horizons will be enabled in the beta build).
  4. When the Elite Dangerous launcher is loaded, log in to your account if you aren't already logged in.
  5. On the launcher window you will notice several options; Elite Dangerous: Horizons, Elite Dangerous: Fleet Carriers Update Beta 2 (Horizons), Elite Dangerous etc.
  6. Select Elite Dangerous: Fleet Carriers Update Beta 2 (Horizons).
If you are planning to jump into the Fleet Carriers Update - Beta 2 on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, here is how you can register your account for participation:
  1. Via a web browser go to
  2. Log in using your PlayStation Network, or Xbox One account.
    1. (If you were previously a beta player for Elite Dangerous on Xbox One you will not be able to redeem an additional beta key. You should instead re-download the beta application from your “Full Library” inside “My Games and Apps”).
  3. Follow the steps to generate a code.
  4. Redeem the code on your console of choice, starting from 11 May.

WARNING: The beta will not be live until 11 May. Redeeming the code before this date, will download an older version of the beta. This is not accessible and will fail to connect, however, your beta application will automatically update with the Fleet Carriers Beta 2 on May 11.

We will be announcing more information on the changes and improvements that we have made thanks to your feedback in the near future.

Can't get beta key: link: = directs you to forums, fleet carrier announcement, which gives you the circular link to back to what?
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