Flight assist off

For most of you this is probably an everyday routine, and I saw some awesome vids of people performing acrobatic combat in asteroid field with assist off, but for me yesterday was a huge milestone in this method of flight.
After a week of training in open space, for the very first time I dared to make a full trade run with flight assist off!
And what a rewarding experience it was.

From the approach, where I got spat out of supercruise some 20 kliks away from Chango Dock, then manoeuvring towards the letterbox, bringing my ship to a standstill (relative to Chango Dock that is) and finally a few minute long cruise through it, I was constantly kept on my toes just to stay on course and off the walls, but by far the hardest part of the challenge is to land, the station rotates AND moves in orbit of a moon/planet. You need to compensate for all that while taking care not to crash into a control tower, not to mention I got a loitering warning twice when ship was tossed around tumbling insides of the station.

But that is not all, then you pick up cargo and try to take off.
Clearance granted and the tumbling dance begins again, forget the throttle, this stays at zero else it will send you spinning into a wall marking the end of your pretty ship.
No, you have to use thrusters to be able to control your speed and direction precisely, manoeuvre out of the dock while avoiding all other ships and shoot off into the unknown.
Quite known actually, right into a war torn Eranin to sell all that cargo I just picked up and enjoy profit.
Of course docking in Eranin did not involve flight assist, all rough!

I must say that flight with assists off is the most rewarding experience in game, I definitely recommend it to everyone, but be careful, you may end up as a bloody paint-job on the station's wall, so ALWAYS have a "flight assist" toggle handy, this will stabilise your ship should you loose control and proves useful when you need to stop the ship quickly ie. you noticed that the asteroid you tried to hide behind is growing too large too quickly.

For me personally, from now on assisted flight will always be a last resort, flying it rough is the name of the game and a challenge in its own respect. I don't care that I lose profits and time so I cannot afford the better ship.
This is what I enjoy and this is what I intend to do.

Do you like flying without on-board computer holding your hand? Or maybe you have an interesting experience to share, I would like to read about it.
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