Flight of the Nowhere - A DSSA Carrier Deployment Operation to Aquila's Halo

Hello Commanders,

This is a thread for preparation to deploy a carrier as part of the Deep Space Support Array to the Aquila's Halo region. Our carrier, the Nowhere, will be travelling from the Bubble to Colonia and then out to the western rim to round out the array's coverage in this region of space, supplementing DSSA #21 Chrysaetos Refuge. It's a bit of a long journey of about 49000 lightyears. No short jaunt, but we're up to it and would be thrilled to have your help and your company.

This expedition is ideal for pilots looking to:
  • Visit the galactic edge
  • Help with a grand community effort to sow the stars with places to meet, rest, and repair
  • Visit Colonia
  • Start a circumnavigation of the galaxy
  • Explore one of the least-travelled regions of the Milky Way
No obligation to contribute fuel or other resources is implied. Come along, we'd be glad to have you.

Carrier Information

Carrier Name: DSSA Nowhere
ID: K0H-1KK (DSSA #131)
Current location: Eol Prou DF-U b18-26 (29ly from Colonia)
Destination: Tentatively set as Yepoi IW-E D11-2

The first stage of the journey consists quite simply of a trip to Colonia. Commanders are also welcome to hitch a ride to this point and no further if they wish.
From there, the area of space we will traverse is not rich in known Tritium hotspot overlaps or well-travelled generally. By the time of the Nowhere's arrival, hotspots suitable to make the second leg of the journey begin on schedule will hopefully be discovered if fuel supply is still impaired. Otherwise, tritium will be purchased from nearby stations.

Assuming only two fueling stages (one at the beginning of the expedition in the bubble and one in the Colonia vicinity), the amount of fuel required will be 18500 units; About 7500 to get to Colonia, and 11000 to destination. Exact fueling plans are TBD (mining changes recently having been a bit disruptive) for the Colonia - Panoi leg of the journey. A buy order is set at the Nowhere's current location for the Tritium needed during the first leg at galactic average if you want to help deliver it from nearby stations. The same will be done when in Colonia, depending on the situation there when we arrive.

When not fueling, the carrier can be expected to make jumps at a pace of about 5 per night. Jumps will usually not take place during the period of 1000 hours to 2300 hours server time, so sorties should be kept within that time while underway. This should allow the carrier to arrive in Colonia in approximately ten days.

While enroute to both Colonia and to Aquila's Halo, an encouraged activity is prospecting for overlapping tritium hotspots. Finding any in the regions of the galaxy we're crossing, particularly the Outer Arm and Perseus Arm, will assist other carriers seeking to travel without stopping in civilized space.

Carrier Equipment

Nowhere is equipped with the following Modules:
  • Universal Cartographics
  • Repair Crews
  • Armoury
  • Outfitting
  • Shipyard
You can bring a mining ship and an exploration ship with you, or can use this as an opportunity to move ships from the Bubble to Colonia on our way out to the rim. As mining is a possible task during the expedition, limited mining equipment is available in case you forget anything.
No tariffs are in place for any services on the Nowhere.
No return journey is scheduled for participants and this expedition does not have any additional support carriers.


All dates are subject to change by suggestion or circumstance and stage durations are approximate.

Now: Mining fuel at Eol Prou DF-U b18-26 AB 2. Fuel remaining: 9000
August 3: Departure will be on this day at 2200 hours server time.
August 10: Arrival in Colonia, start of second fueling period.
August 17 - Departure for Yepoi IW-E D11-2 (actual timeframe will depend on rate of fueling).
Approximately 10 days later - Arrival at Yepoi IW-E D11-2.


A Discord server is set up for our expedition here. I am also present in the Fleetcomm Discord. Please come and chat or post here if you're interested.


07/30: Tritium supply in Panoi system is available at favourable prices and is enough, it just needs to be loaded from stations in system to the carrier. Departure should be guaranteed to be on time or accelerated.
08/01: Fuel loading complete at Panoi. Deployment schedule accelerated to August 3rd. Travel time may also decrease.
08/03: Departure time is set at 2200 server time. Underway.
08/10: Arrived at Eol Prou DF-U b18-26. Second fuel stage begins.
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Welcome to the DSSA, IncoherentOrange!

Looks like a well thought-through itinerary. Here's to hoping FDev sorts out the Tritium issues on the 3rd. That'll give you a solid week to get things squared away.

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