Flower Mania

I was doing the scenario Power Struggle and although the buildings look amazing, I'm not such a fan of the desert look. I prefer when it's a bit greener.
So when I started to get some good money from the zoo, I decided to make the area look a bit better. I did an area with lots of Twinflowers (I think thats what they are called in english) and thought "hey, that looks nice, lets use a bit more of those!"

Well, after that it kinda... escalated...

The area at the start of the scenario;
Flower Mania Befor.jpg

And here is how it looked after I was finished with it;
Flower Mania After.jpg

Every single piece of the map that wasn't path, building or a habitat with animals that didn't like the flowers, was completly covered in Twinflowers! I have no idea how many there are, but I know I spent well over 300k only on flowers and they are just 20§ a piece :p

A few more pics;
Flower Mania 4.jpg

Flower Mania 6.jpg

Flower Mania 7.jpg

Flower Mania 5.jpg

Flower Mania 9.jpg

And my favorite!
Flower Mania 3.jpg
Told myself that I wouldn't spend time decorating the next career zoo, as it's pretty pointless, I mean, as soon as you start a new one they are lost forever. But I just can't help myself, I want all my zoo's to look pretty :p At least this time there are not as much flowers, but still alot :D
Karriär - Regnskog 2.jpg

Karriär - Regnskog 3.jpg
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