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As mentioned in Testing Guidelines, use this thread to share your feedback on the following topic. Please report any encountered bugs/issues in the Issue Tracker (live tomorrow).

Fleet Carrier Owners
  • Fleet Carriers will cost 5,000,000,000 credits in this beta
  • You will be able to purchase a Fleet Carrier at these stations:
    • Agartha - Enoch Port
    • Alcor - Macdonald Settlement
    • Balante - Laplace Ring
    • CD-47 990 - Jackson Ring
    • Colonia - Jaques Station
    • Diso - Shifnalport
    • Ehlanda - Clark Port
    • Kakmbutan - Macgregor Orbital
    • Kruger 60 - Kepler Gateway
    • Lan Tzak - Jacobi Platform
    • Namnetes - Jolliet Enterprise
    • Panoi - Garen Hub
    • Skeggiko O - Kuo Terminal
Along with having fun with your new Fleet Carrier, we would also like you to try out specific aspects and provide feedback on them:
  • Once you have your Fleet Carriers, we would like owners to try:
    • Jumping the Fleet Carrier to new locations. We would like your feedback on:
      • Preparation and cooldown times
      • Navigating through the Galaxy and System map to plot the route.
    • Using the standard services available to you.
    • Try out different crew members.
    • Transferring any cargo from your ship to the Fleet Carrier.
    • Filling the Fleet Carrier with Tritium, which you can get by mining Ice Asteroids or purchasing at stations that supply it.
  • With the different services available to you, we would really appreciate your feedback on all of these. We understand that kitting out your Fleet Carrier for your playstyle is important, but it would be helpful for us to see owners try each and every service they can.
    • Outfitting
    • Shipyard
    • Redemption Officer
    • Advanced Maintenance
    • Fence
    • Crew Lounge
  • Check out the Remote Fleet Carrier Maintenance and make sure all the functions work the same way as when you are docked at the Fleet Carrier.
  • Carrier Upkeep
    • What are you thoughts on the standard upkeep costs?
    • Does suspending services help with the management of your weekly costs?
  • Livery
    • The livery will not be available in the beta.
For additional information, please check the following:
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As many CMDRs stated, that March 26 snapshop is way too old... From the date where the price was announced, and the time to grind that money, many of us were only able to obtain 5 Bcr last week...
Please consider updating accounts balances to a closest date if you want more testers... Sorry, but if i can't buy my own Carrier, i'll not participate in the Beta !
I think that cooldown- and preparation times are way too long. I think they should be max 15 minutes each. When it's faster in by far the most cases, to just fly with your taxi/jump ship to the station you want your fleet at, and just pay the transfer fee, to get it there. - I don't think they live up to their name "Fleet Carrier" well enough. I think when you pay 5 billion, they should be more mobile, and you should be able to move your fleet, in a more fluent, and convenient way, than now...
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Carrier should be free for the Beta see in's you can't keep it to use in Horizon. It took me to long to make 5 Billion in horizon and I don't particularly want to have to do it again in Beta.
I think it will make a good/bad feedback to feel how much effort once we put down a purchase of 5 bil credit as payment first hand, then manage to operate order stuff with weekly cost, etc... make it a real feel. kinda understandable
Crashed after pressing the buy button: Black Adder.

Took four more login attempts to get in, but the second time the purchase went through...only to discover my carrier was now parked 200K Ls away.

If this "now make a mini Hutton Orbital run to your new carrier" mechanic is intentional, it's a bit cruel. Got a DANCE FOR YOUR CARRIER, MONKEYS! DANCE! vibe. Though 10/10 for anticipation.
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