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Greetings Commanders,

While we’re hard at work on the next update for Elite Dangerous Beyond 3.1, we wanted to share our plans for the Focused Feedback Forum, and when you’ll see particular topics come up for discussion.

The Focused Feedback Forum, for those who don’t know, is an area of the forum where we describe and explain our concepts for future features coming as part of Elite Dangerous Beyond. When the forum post goes live, we then welcome constructive and focused feedback from our community on each topic. Previous Focused Feedback Forum discussions have proven to be extremely useful for development, so we wanted to get things going as soon as possible in order to best consider your suggestions.

We’d like to thank you again for all of your feedback across social media, the forums and direct messages. Although the Focused Feedback Forums give us a place to focus on specific topics, we still pass on every suggestion and comment to the development team for consideration.

It’s important to note that the following list and dates are not final, and we have to allow for some flexibility. You may also see other topics pop up in addition to those listed below, we will keep you up to date when or if we’re adding any more discussion topics. Please note that the topics will overlap (as you can clearly see below) – this allows us to keep the discussion topics open for as long as possible, and gather as much information as we need. The main topic will be introduced, followed up by the inclusion and announcement of sub topics relating to the original discussion. As well as opening up the forums for discussion, we’ll also be hosting livestreamed discussions with the developers on each topic. We’ll give you more information on these streams as we solidify the schedule.

Estimated start dates:

Squadrons Discussion
8th May

Mining Discussion
From the 18th June


Thanks again for your continued support and feedback, we’re very excited to share our ideas with you.

Ed and the Elite Dangerous team
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Thanks for the schedule Ed. I really like that you're starting this type of discussions so early, especially on such important parts of the game.

Hopefully it will result in a better Q4 update.

As a sidenote, I remember Sandro mentioning a Focus Feedback discussion about shields. Is that still planned?
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Don't forget us ginger kids in the shadows:

Are we getting a livestream to tell us your plans beforehand (tomorrow maybe)?

Looking forward to hearing the ideas :)

Hey! We'll do the livestreams after we've recieved a bit of feedback about each one. We're streaming tomorrow, but it's more of a community engagement stream. Streaming/video schedule is about to ramp up now that we're nearly in place in the new building (still not perfect yet).
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