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Maybe if you guys moved up North & supped some REAL beer, we probably would have some loosened tongues;)
Cambridge has some brilliant pubs! All the beer you get up there (my home incidentally) is pretty much the same as we get here. Do you think that it ferments or something during the arduous climb up to the northern mountains?
Hey! Very imaginative. Can confirm that this didn't happen, and if it did, they were pulling your leg and probably didn't work for Frontier.

That's a shame, I was looking forward to mining planet surfaces! ;)

Thanks for getting my hopes up Manjib!!!!! [sad]
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ANYWAY... back to looking at the important threads and planning all the important things. CARRY ON! AS YOU WERE...
ED! I have a very important question. Why is the community team growing when the community is in fact, shrinking?

Is this some kind of clever Cambridge Analytica?
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