Focused Feedback - PC Participants

I could use a little clarification on the following statement from "Participating in the Beta - PC" section:

When it says, "balances will be zeroed," does that mean the current ARX balance will (or will not) be restored at the conclusion of the Beta?
There is nothing to "restore" - you can still access the live game from the launcher, and you ARX are there, safe and sound. There are just no ARX in the beta.
btw. totally wish I could change the Carrier ATC Voice...

The Engineers-type (robotic) Voice to me is often inaudible and I don't like it alot.

Would be neat if i.e. picking a Crew for that Core Service came with variation in ATC Voice, with preview in the selection Screen (one of the common ATC Voices, I believe most Players have their favorites).
(and that'd give changing the face of that Crew after Carrier Purchase some meaning)
Ok, i tried it a little
Here's my feedback :

  • the system to put credits in the Fleet Carrier Bank is terrible, we need something else, it took me several minutes to put 5 billions in it
  • The tritium price is too high, 28 millions for ~680 unit,wich means approximatively 2 jumps (i'm planning a journey to Colonia, if i buy the 22k units of tritium needed for going there and coming back, it will cost me 880 MILLIONS)
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Hey @FrameshiftShark,
Thank you for the report. The team have just deployed a fix so that the Carrier Hull Maintenance is back at 100K rather than 750K.
Can you confirm that it's just maintenance for jumps that week and not lifetime total jumps?

BETA 1 week 2 the hull maintenance seemed to carry over jumps from the previous week.

If hull maintenance per week is calculated based on lifetime total jumps
After 10,000 jumps @100k per jump the hull maintenance alone will be 1 billion credits per week.

Please tell us this is not so.


After 100 weeks of 2 jumps per week, hull upkeep would be 20million per week, not 200k.

And please don't say "but the carriers are meant to be replaced after you've used them a lot" when we can take a rinkydink sidewinder to beagle point and back.

So, assuming this is the case... the poor DSSA guy who takes a Fleet Carrier to beagle point from Colonia, say 40,000ly - 80 jumps now has to pay an additional 8 million per week (416million per year) in Hull maintenance?

Nail... meet coffin.

For the record - I don't care if it's 1million, 100,000, 10,000 or 1,000cr per jump - Upkeep based on "Lifetime jumps" needs to be buried in the ground.
It might be possible to put in a "refit" mechanism which puts the carrier offline for a couple of days to be structually enhanced and blah whatever like they do in startrek... but that would make sense if it's done at a Carrier Shipyard so the DSSA guys, who are trying to do a community service... still get screwed up the :poop:er..
Just take it out.
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Just a point that i maybe missed . I bought all optionnal modules for my FC , decomissionning still give me 4.85 bil . So every optionnals services that I put in my FC are totaly lost if i choose to decomission my FC (i imagine it is the same for all goods i may put aboard) ?

So the FC Is still a big loss in credit , upkeep is still 13mill per week for me with just full services enabled . And if I dont want to keep my FC i basicly lose everything that i putted into ?

Also it seems you can at any time suspend/activate your services, so any people would suspends all services before the upkeep day just to lower this and reactivate after ?

I'm totaly for RUNNING cost , like the jump cost is working at the moment (even if you also pay your fuel ..) , but the passiv upkeep is just horrible thing by design , and the decomission is still a great loss.

Rest is pretty positiv , interface and how it is implemented is really nice , the possibility it offer are nice.
Hey @FrameshiftShark,

Thank you for the report. The team have just deployed a fix so that the Carrier Hull Maintenance is back at 100K rather than 750K.
Hey Stephen, I've performed 3 more jumps after you mentioned this hotfix, one after restarting the game and I can confirm that no effect has taken place. The jumps still cost 750k in maintenance each time. I'm on 3.75mil in wear and tear across 5 jumps now.


Edit: Sixth jump, still 750k per jump.
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I’m trying to sign in on Xbox one X and keep getting this message .
Any ideas anyone please?
I am connected to internet.
Visit a Fleet Carrier

Did you have trouble finding and docking at a Fleet Carrier?
Not at all

Was it clear that the Fleet Carrier you found was owned by another player?
Sure, it says "CMDR" and some hilarious FCs name in a large script

Trade both clean and stolen goods (if the owner has a Fence available)
Work well since beta 1

Purchasing Ships and Modules (If the owner has these services available)
All FCs that i have visited did not stock any ships or modules

Donate and sell Tritium

Both went ok

We would also like for Commanders to go out and mine for Tritium
Did some laser mining in a icy belt, it works, but i cant see any viable reason to mine tritium while in the bubble

Universal Cartographics
It went fine, and i like that interface

So, here is my random thoughts on 2nd beta:
-Somewhat lost all exploration data, as if i never went off single system
-When cashing vouchers at FC, somewhat not all vouchers redeemed
-I get strange sound bugs - something like repair limpet. Menu scrolling sound inconsistent
-Mining tritium is worthless, as LTDs is a meta. To move FC you will laser mine like its your full time job.
-In some popular systems, like Borann, FCs clutters system map. Probably some filter should be employed (nav panel should have FC checkbox too). see pic related

unknown (1).jpg
-Too much NPC traffic at FCs.
-Interface bug in russian localisation (pic related)
-Dunno about new upkeep, i saw something around 14kk, which imo is too low. Will update when actually buy FC at a "blowout"
    1. Upkeep
      1. Either needs to go.
        1. This is a huge buy in a game… that we paid for… yet even free games reward you for getting on every week… this is probably going to drive a lot of players away because it's a bother. And seems to us players that all you're trying to do is line your weekly play count.
        2. The fact that you have to pay an upkeep every week is not good at all… no one wants to be forced to play a game. It makes all the fun leave the game. This is a game that's meant to be an escape. The fact that you already have to grind before you can even do anything you want to for the fun of it was already annoying. Now you're making it where whenever we want to play we have to credit grind.
      2. If it must stay.
        1. Either A… balance everything
          1. talking mostly fighting. As it's not currently worth doing thanks to playing for days to weeks just to get enough credits to buy back your ship. Which makes some people leave the game.
          2. Maybe mining depending on how much it gets nerfed by adding in the new fuel.
          3. Missions maybe?
            1. I've not done missions in a long time so i can’t say what balancing it needs this is all missions and passenger missions.
            2. I did like damaged stations for passenger rescue missions not seen in some time but there might be a lore reason behind that.
              1. I don't normally follow much of the lore but have been looking into it recently.
          4. Most have a life.
            1. Not many want to get on every week just to grind credits.
              1. If we get on we just want to play! That's the point of a GAME. last time i checked.
            2. Also some people get tired of the endless grind and will leave for several weeks.
            3. Or we have other games we sometimes play….
              1. Free games….that reward us for playing.
            4. Also many of us from what I've gathered are older people.
              1. Meaning we have jobs.
              2. Families.
              3. Homes to keep clean.
              4. Vacations to go on.
              5. Computers might break down.
              6. Bills to pay?
        2. B… upkeep?
          1. Why do I think there is an upkeep?
            1. Fixing up the ship after every jump.
              1. Simple fix...have it after # amount of jumps you have to play to fix up the jump drive or it wont let you jump for X amount of credits.
            2. Pay the crew.
              1. They get a weekly upkeep but our fighter crew does not get paid by a % of what we earn when active.
                1. So like with the graphics…. Have a % taken out of the carriers profits to pay the crew….. Just like your fighter crew. So for each crew you have add an extra 1-3%
            3. Paying for ship repair, restock, refuel.
              1. Just have us pay like we would a normal station and then 25% of that gets put into the carriers bank as a profit.
                1. which then a % of that is pulled out for the crew (see above under pay the crew) that way we never have to worry about upkeeping the ship
                  1. minus fixing up the jump drive. Which we still might not have to worry about at that point as it should earn enough to take care of itself.
    2. Fleet carrier
      1. Shipyard
        1. So friends can store ships on your carrier. (edit; don't know if this is true but someone has suggested that it might already be possible. so sorry if it is and i just did not know.)
        2. So you can sell ships (i've been told that is possible but it's in the bulk like the mods)
        3. BULK BUY Needs to go.
          1. Buying ships to sell is cheaper than at any station and then carrier owner sets price on how much they want to make off the ship cost with them being able to make at lowest 1%- X% at highest
        4. Outfiting
          1. So friends can store mods (edit; don't know if this is true but someone has suggested that it might already be possible. so sorry if it is and i just did not know.)
          2. So you can sell mods
            1. AGAIN BULK BUY Needs to go.
            2. Buying mods to sell is cheaper than at any station and then carrier owner sets price on how much they want to make off the mod cost with them being able to make at lowest 1%- X% at highest
        5. Tritium
          1. Switch timers. 5 minute spin up 15 minute cool down thus keeping it the same and making it more realistic at the same time. as i can see it taking farrrrr longer to cool down then to spin up as spin up only takes 3 minutes for the main stuff. so you have a 2 minute window to leave because most players who do not wish to jump with a carrier will not park on a carrier then exit the game if they know what's best for them and if there are that many solution would be a pop up option asking if you want to be ejected if the ship jumps thus during those two minutes it will deject anyone who has said yes and anyone else will just have to put up with it. as they can only blame themselves for not hitting no. or for not hitting yes. but it seems that 75% of players are planning to use this as a personal mobile base. and The 20% that do not are squads and the remaining 5% are the groups like fuel rats. so personally i think that would be a far better way of going about it.
          2. Auto transport of tritium to fuel tank.
          3. Maybe longer jump range (or by engineering?)
          4. Maybe a refuel know like a gas station but for carriers? or pay extra for fuel delivery to a carrier?
      2. Maybe have npcs interact with the carrier.
        1. Such as basic ship care (thus helping if you wanted to keep upkeep or if you put upkeep the way i suggested where its based of a % of what the carrier earns)
        2. Maybe even sell you things if you put it higher up then stations around you. (they already carry stuff around thus how there is pirating and if this was the case it would make weekly upkeep reasonable.)
    3. Possible add ons
      1. Material trader
      2. Tech-broker
      3. Mission board
      4. Selling engineered modules
      5. Selling custom ships
      6. Increasing fuel tank size.
        1. maybe another of the carrier engineer mods?
        2. Must be able to automatically draw tritium form storage.
      7. Schedule jumps?
        1. Maybe even with multiple jumps?
      8. This one i don't know because i did not have the credits to try it at the time but someone said you can't buy and sell commodities at the same time so maybe change that?
      9. Someone also said that the graphics have 12.5% just vanished…. Personally I think 25% should just go to the station bank and that 12.5% vanish? Maybe have that be the % payed to fully equipped crew if we did the suggested. B upkeep option
      10. Same with the redemption office. ^
      11. Some are saying that they fear ending up thousands of light years away if on a stranger’s carrier. So maybe there may be an option that when you dock it asks if you want to be ejected if the carrier jumps.
      12. Also i don't know if you already fixed the current credit mess… but putting it here anyway. Need to be able to just enter the number amount instead of that stupid. + or - mess, also...never fly without rebuy so who in their right mind will want to put max credits into the carrier. also is max the amount you own? or is there a max to the amount of credits you can put in at one time?
      13. Also maybe some docking places where you can refuel the carrier like a gas station?
      14. Raider fleet carrier kit? other fleet carrier kits? paint jobs and that or like below being able to buy with credits either the hud color, or the fleet carrier jumping cam or video/movie wheel.
      15. Being able to watch when jumping form inside either buy a cam or like a video/movie.
      16. Notice the change to the hud i like it but i would like to suggest one thing.
      17. Hud color
        1. By default you can change the color of the hud
        2. Or buy it in a set color from the store.
      18. Have it show a list of services and what ships and mods are on the ship.
      19. Why not have fleet carriers be able to jump into permanent locked areas if the owner has the key and if anyone else goes with them illegally they then become wanted/fined and if they get scanned inside said zone without a key they get destroyed? (thus making some play for the law hating players. as well as making it possible for me to go to jameson's to pick up a lot of my ships when i get the carrier. and this should also make it where it can't jump into the hug zones. as even the owners don't have a permit. thus protecting new players, making life easier on law abides, and giving new game play for those law haters, as well as making it where they can't go into the ones that are still locked tada! all problems solved in one fail swoop.)
      20. Only able to change stuff on carriers in carrier systems HAS TO GO!!! these are billion dollar ships they neeeeeeed to be treated as such meaning the sellers should be bending head of hills to try and make you happy.... (another reason why I hate the upkeep.) think F&F where they make fun of the rock and the other that they dont look like they belong there and then just a few frames later the guy is giving them his watch and clothes as well as delivering them to their building..... that's how this buy should be..... if they can do it for the filthy rich in 2020......why they heck can they not do it in 3306?
      21. another grip since i'm on that but does not involve carriers........why can't we organize our bookmarks into folders?! heck i could make an inter another list of simple stuff we have in 2020 that we don't have the equivalent to in a world where we are to be advanced heck i'd expect in 3306 that my bookmarks would be organizing themselves..... and that id have a side monitor that would be listing all the places to best sell stuff on my side hud..... also my hud would not be a horrid emergency orange and would be customizable by default..... and i better stop before i go on an inter list for those grips.
    4. Carrier list suggestion. Comment below which one you would want. and if you would like to see elite put this into the game. the best part is they could at say a 5% fee if you wanted to trade to any of the other three main ones.
      1. this is by 75% going to be personal carriers...why not build a carrier. That is a personal base. build it so that it is one of four.... explorer fighter storage and squad. all having refuel, rearm, repair, bridge, tritium. ship/outfit/normal storage by default with the flowing
        1. explorer
          1. long long long a** jump range and im talking 5k or more for base jump at the 500units of tritium.
          2. nice sleek almost anaconda base look
          3. universal by default
          4. four large landing pads
          5. use as personal/wing
          6. price 2.5 bil
        2. fighter
          1. low jump range like the 500 lightyear for the 500 unit
          2. base it of the corvette or the fed mega ship
          3. redemption and secure by default
          4. four large landing pads
          5. use as personal/wing
          6. price 2.5 bil
        3. storage ship
          1. mid range like a 2.5k jump range for 500 (though i could see this one at 1k or more.)
          2. base it on the cutter or empire
          3. commodities and secure by default
          4. four large landing pads
          5. use as personal/wing
          6. price 2.5 bil
        4. Squad
          1. low-mid being the 1k for 500 (or more either)
          2. base it off current one
          3. 8 large 4mid 4small
          4. none by default.
          5. is able to have groups pool credits to buy and pool credits to put in bank and jumps are decided by a vote of # amount of players
          6. price remains the same. 5 bil

  1. Thank you for your time o7,

    Ahqelen out.

    P.S. several edits. was planning only one but ended up thinking of a lot more when i started doing the edits. i'd do a loooot more but since those mostly don't involve the fleet carriers i'll try to avoid those. in my edit.

    P.S. yes.... soooo 15 minute spin up is right there where its too long to wait on the carrier but at the same time to short to go do something....just had to do 15 jumps in my cargo type9 which was not meant for jumping but to fly a short distance from the carrier and back in the same system for me to get fuel.....soooooo please please please flip it so that 5 minute spin up 15 minute cool down at the very least. if it was like that i can't really see anyone complaining. except maybe explores who would want to do multi jumps in a row....which as pointed out above if you did that idea then maybe make it that if you add multi jumps in which its a 5 minute between multi jump and you able to do a multi jump planner but also means the ship does not unlock it just stops and rests for 5 minutes before jumping again.

    P.S. First week of upkeep... and mine is not even fully equipped! And it cost me 20 Million, 946 Thousand, 479 Credits!!!! and i only have all but redemption, and secure warehouse! which would have been another 3 Million, 850 Thousand meaning your full kitted ship will be costing around 25 Million a week!! That's Several Hours Of Normal Game Play! Unless Your Mining Which We All Know Is Going To Be Nerfed When This Hits The Main Servers!!!

    (edited version from suggestions.)
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I'm not going through the whole procedure of the issue tracker for every next trivial minor bug. Here's a tester, make out of it what you want:

I just issued a ship transfer to Dalton Gateway, schedule was 17 minutes. Arrival conformation came immediately while the ship is still in transit. I wonder what kind of bug this nonsense wants to fix...

I'm pretty sure that's just one of the umpteenth little bugs that I will find, that are not directly related to FCs and that I certainly won't file a bug report for.
I can not upgrade or purchase extra fuel tanks for my fleet carrier, as we can/do for normal ships. Is this due to change, or have I missed something?
Also, I can’t find a way to transfer the tritium in my T-9 into previously mentioned fuel tanks?
Update.. can ‘donate’ once some fuel has been used. But is there a way to do this remotely to allow route planning?
Thankyou. \o/
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