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Not entirely true. Tritium can be carried on the carrier as stock which can be transferred remotely to the store at need.
However, when that stock is depleted then you are forced to find some way to refill the carrier. This can be done by getting other commanders to donate.
More likely you will have to fill it yourself.

No you cant, there is no feature to be able to put Tritium from the FC's stock to the fuel reserve remotely
No you cant, there is no feature to be able to put Tritium from the FC's stock to the fuel reserve remotely
You are correct. I had failed to test this properly. I always had reliable passengers to buy tritium on the cheap and donate it to the store.
If you have other commanders occupying the carrier they can buy from the on board market and then donate it to the store.
The donation process is still bugged and leads to a reproducible black adder crash to menu.
Here's my distribution to a similar bug on the issue tracker (with video proof). Please upvote.

The title is misleading, it says "can". My variant of the bug always triggers the black adder.
Dear Frontier Development

If im brutally honest Frontier 5 billion takes the biscuit just a bit when it comes to buying the Carriers as of 35 minutes ago
and being a System group leader of ( The Swords of Lp 787-52 ) i wanted to see how the purchase system worked

I was surprised to find out that you have to source the entire 5 billion yourself
and to be honest that is a massive tag for even the biggest of CMDR's out there ( don't quote me ) .

I feel if you made the game so CMDR'S could donate to a shared goal it would feel more like a group effort ( basically a group grind and we all know how much you guys at frontier like us grinding )

i dont mean this in a aggressive way but if you expect us to make this money Solo Please for the love of god stop Nerfing the Cake out of amazing money making methods and gold rushes you always seem to over do Nerf's to the point where it kills the disciplines such as ( 'Bounty hunting' 'Passenger missions ' 'Trading' 'Exploration' ' Sentry Skimmer destruction missions' ETC you get the picture.

please if anyone agrees with me up-vote or do what ever you do get this seen by the big boys at frontier

Your faithfully CMDR-Bad4ssjedi :)
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