Food Court - First Efforts of a Noob

So far, I've had the game for almost a week. I've never played any of the other Roller Coaster games (mostly I'm a WW2 fighter pilot in Aces High and a space explorer in Elite Dangerous).

After playing around with the Alpha for a few days to get the hang of it, I'm starting a new park and think I'll stick with it and see where it goes. I'm thinking of putting a couple of these throughout the park, and have some individual food stands peppered around for "ease of access". [happy]

Food Courtyard from the main path near the Main Gate

Food Courtyard during the day

Food Courtyard at night lit by the full moon


Food and Drink Building
Looks good man.

But I'm mostly shocked to hear people still play aces high. Played that game back in 06 or maybe earlier than that. Great fun
A couple more shots...

Food court alive with people.

I made a small castle building around the ticket stand. I think I'll re-use it for all the "family" rides in the family section of the park:

The front

The back
Added a small coaster to this family-friendly park. Started experimenting with track lighting to highlight the hill.

Looks nice! The lighting looks really nice. I do think it needs a few more shops and a main seating area, however. Other than that, keep it up!
I know someone on here- I think it was Kukamonda, used barrels and circular slabs for tables/chairs. They work really nicely, and fit in with a lot of themes!
Yea i saw that too! looked really nice but i have no patience [haha] its crazy what people have done so far with the few things we have
Yea i saw that too! looked really nice but i have no patience [haha] its crazy what people have done so far with the few things we have
Yeah, I know. But in a few months time, we'll discover how to mod things in, so then we can finally add tables(assuming that Frontier doesn't put them in soon, which is highly unlikely).
I am sure we will be getting tables in the game at some point. Remember the animations of guests Frontier showed just before alpha release? There was one of a guest sitting down to a table to eat food.
That looks sweet dude I am thinking of getting this game myself. like you I am an arm chair pilot but I fly IL2.
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Truly, it's amazing !

I have no artistic talent, but I love looking at other people's work !

In my opinion, you're doing quite well, you shall keep going on [up] !
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Well, if you think that you're a noob, I hate to think what I am xD Not very good at making creative buildings... I just put down pretty much a rectangle and a roof.
I really love this!

How did you light up the track like that? I can't find a good place to place lighting on the track - I usually get a red error or just can't place it!
All I did was zoom in a little (not as much in this picture), and move around until it worked. As you can see, a lot of them aren't really attached to anything. [weird] I haven't tried it with the blue track yet.

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