Foood and Drink Extras

How important are food extras? How much does ketchup or cheese affect guests and profits?

Ice should make drinks watered down if its set too high (more profits, unhappy guests) but no ice would make drinks warm

Foods like fries should have options for the amount of salt to increase guests thirst

Caffeinated drinks (like coffee/energy drinks) should increase guests movement speed but cause there energy to dip

In RCT3 you could just set it to "optional"
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I'd also love to see the option to customize the menu further. Being able to add and remove items as well as name them so you can have a greater differentiation between shops you place. [big grin]
I wouldnt be interested in more food options, I already dislike setting toppings on the burgers and which I could set it as optional like in RCT3. I just wish since the options are there, that they actually meant something
Naming burgers or drinks sounds cool. "I really loved my COLOSSAL Bacon Burger".

feel innuendos would definitely occur and that would not be a bad thing...
On the fries i added mayonaise (im dutch) but onther people may not want that....
So optional sauce's would be great.

On burgers i would suggest that you could "design" lets say 3 or 4 kinds of burgers. (and name them)
Yes please to all this;

  • The sauce should be on drop down with like 3 slots to pick from or similar with a list of 8 or 9 options.
  • Naming foods and naming the size option of foods as well as having the ability for 3 different sizes would be good.
  • Coffee/Energy drinks with true affects on people as said for energy burst but then quick drop off. Water for dehydration and guests who feel ill after a ride (if they have water then it reduces sickness).
  • menu system with main, sides and drink and meal deals are really good. You can have more generic sides and drinks and then the branded ones are specialist. LIke Sainsbury have their own energy drink that's cheap but then you can buy a premium accordingly like RedBull so this could be the same as plain water or premium flavoured water. Generic Coke or Gulpee Energy etc.
  • Yes to also Ice meaning drinks do not remain cool for as long (they are still cool out the tap to start with), Salt on Burger and Fries meaning more thirsty, sweets making children more excited as they get sugar rush.
There is loads that could be added especially now we have the improved UI features.

Out of interest, it looks like if we sync a shop then it syncs to the first one, I didn't see a way to have say 5 shops sync at one price and another 5 shops at another. Do we have the ability to place shops in groups that we can name. If not that needs adding too really.
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I had started my own thread about more customization in stock. I used the hats as an example. You know, not wanting to sell your Sci-Fi helms over in your Wild West Town. But that was just one example. I also wanted to discuss what this thread covers.
Maybe I want to sell variations of foods, with different toppings, at different prices. Chief Beef Burger Deluxe XL, CHEESEburger XL and Original Burger XL, for example. Charge the guests that extra dollar for the cheese, and/or toppings. I guess I'm mostly asking for more control over the shop-sales. Not sure if this is in the books, but I figured I'd drop the idea in anyways.
I've been reading quite a number of threads about the stalls.

First off, I have to completely agree with being able to decide what balloon, hat, or drink stalls have to offer throughout the park. I love being able to set prices globally, but also would love to have the Cosmic Cow stall offer water, sodas, etc if I choose. I think a burger shop should also offer side items like fries (chips), or chips (crisps- LOL [big grin]). I'd also love to select what a specific balloon, hat, or other "souvenir" shop offers based on it's area in the park via a tick box when I click on the shop.

What I absolutely DON'T agree with is all the desire for extreme micro-managing of the food stalls! Planet Coaster is a fun, light hearted theme park simulation, not "Gordon Ramsey's Restaurant Tycoon"...!
Yes, it would certainly be lovely to be able to offer several different burger styles at different prices (as well as a few side dishes?)

I've spent over twenty-six years in the food service and restaurant industry. I've worked everything from food-courts and bars to large commercial kitchens and award winning restaurants. I've held every position from dish-washer when I was 16 to chef at the restaurant that I've been proudly working at for the past eighteen and a half years.

While it may be normal to offer saltier snacks at the local movie theatre or tavern to drive drink sales, I've NEVER in all my years been to or worked at a place that charged extra for condiments like ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise. I could see charging for expensive toppings like mushrooms, jalepeno peppers, bacon, etc; but I can easily see having guests make so many choices for extra condiments or toppings clogging the heck out of the game-play guest A.I. (This is why being able to offer 3-4 different burgers at different prices just might be nice, and a whole lot simpler!)

Amount of Ice? Now people are just getting nit-picky. Do we really need to micro-manage ice levels so much that we sacrifice overall gameplay and fps? John Taffer of "Bar Rescue" might, but I don't really picture him being a big theme park sim fan, to tell the truth.

Isn't one size drink enough? if everyone must insist, then how about we just have "Small", "Large", and gallon sized "Oh Cr#p, here comes another American!" sized drinks? (Born and raised in Pennsylvania, USA BTW... [wink])

Personally, I'd much rather see what we all see at theme parks everywhere- a simple condiment/napkin cart that guests can visit right after they get their food, and for guests to have a pre-programmed desire to sit down at a picnic table or bench to enjoy their meal if they choose. (Perhaps a cart full of squirt bottles simple enough that we can theme it?)
Just Sayin'...

(P.S.- NO, I don't envision separate condiment carts offering mustard and ketchup for burgers, sprinkles and chocholate syrup for ice cream, and salsa and sour cream for tacos.... One generic condiment cart should be more than fine. It's a game. We can pretend, right?. [big grin])
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I was suggesting ice, salt, and caffeine as they have obvious in-game affects. like you said, condiments are not good micromanagement options. Two sizes even seems a bit much IMO.
I was suggesting ice, salt, and caffeine as they have obvious in-game affects. like you said, condiments are not good micromanagement options. Two sizes even seems a bit much IMO.
Really? I would like to have different sizes tbh just because of the visual representation etc accordingly. It could be fun to see some child holding an XL drink with a straw or similar. And I like the idea that it cost 'X' to produce size '1' and 'Y' to produce size '2' and you charge different. Because now we can set one store and then sync it there is not such an issue with having to micromanage in my opinion :)