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Apartment complex? What country is that? It’s not in the UK or France or Germany that’s for sure!
Well never heard of it was allowed to keep this kind of animals in an apartment, but if it is I’m just impressed.
1) Why apartment complex? She may live in a house with a garden and she's just visiting the park.
2) Why wouldn't it be possible? AFAIK the only animals you can't keep are the endangered ones and those than pose danger to others (like big predators). And even then, you actually can keep them if you have a proper licence, training and accomodation.
But I'm quite sure there isn't any special licence needed for alpacas. The only difficulty would be the import. But she may have gotten those from a local zoo or even a farm (I've seen some)
Not a UK/Germany/France - keep trying! :D
These cute Alpakas live in a stable next to her family house with a garden haha, they not live on a last floor of an apartment building altho that would be amazing.
There are 3 or 4 stables in my city where you can buy those animals, of course you need to prove that you have necessary conditions for them.
The best thing is when you see a dude with a cockatiel on a harness, sitting on said dude's shoulder and whistling & beeping away.

True story.
I possibly cheated. I remembered your comment praising the Witcher game for it's cultural accuracy. So a guess at Academy Poland came up with a direct hit with a picture of the Żoliborz site matching yours.

I'm actually fascinated that people have creatures like that in a city centre. Here they're only really going to be found out in the country. I couldn't imagine someone walking an alpaca or llama through the grounds of Winchester cathedral or similar.
As long as they dont eat the grass or poo on the sidewalk I don' see a problem.
I actually asked the lady how she deals with pooping incidents and she told me that Alpakas only poop in designated areas in their habitat/barn so... its like a cat. But they eat grass, lots of it.
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