For the love of god, give us autonomy over our ships

This could probably just be considered spam, as it's unconstructive ranting... But I don't honestly know what else can be said after years of it already being said. These are primarily issues for console users. PC usually has a workaround.

1. Let us turn off / adjust our interior ship lights.
2. Let us change HUD colour.
3. Let us turn HUD off entirely.

We spend so much time in our ships. Let us focus on what it looks like in there then. Fdevs whole design philosophy is immersion over gameplay, but if that's the case, we MUST be granted more autonomy over our experience.

I think, for me, the issue that underlines it all is this: why can't we eject our SRVs into space?! The more literal minded of you might ask "why would you want to do that", and there are many reasons.

That is all, thanks for reading.
I think you can still play without HUD, provided you find someone to smash your cockpit glass :)

On a more serious note, yea - all 3 points, but no.2 really stands out
I know for sure on Xbox, You used to be able to spam the camera suite button until you ended up in your cockpit with no HUD at all.

Driving around bases in a hud-free SRV, or through canyons in an eagle was pretty awesome like that.
I never noticed it before until recently, I wish I could turn interior ship lights off. Sometimes I like to see things from inside the ship, but its a little bright in there. I wish I could turn the lights off so I can only see my pilot's face, the HUD if I choose to and the view outside.
The interior lights really bug me from not only a comfort/playability POV, but no one would design a spaceship like that, much less every single one of them ending up like that.
It's a bizarre setup.

"Let's put bright lights IN the cockpit!"

Change HUD colour?
Meh I could take it or leave it.

Turn HUD off?
OK I could see how that could work for others.

Turn off internal lights?
Shut up and take my money!

Joking aside all of these could be put on the Fdev site for us to purchase as options.
The HUD disable still works, though I personally see no real point in using it.

And, er, why would someone want to eject an SRV in space? It's that part which made ponder whether this was just a troll/joke thread...

As for ship interiors: I'm not that fussed about changing HUD colours, but I've always thought themed interior skins/packs would be great, i.e. modular packs themed around exploration, combat, comfort/luxury, etc. More ways to reflect the ship's role via its interior. However, I assumed such a thing would happen with character apparel, and FDev's solution was just lazy palette swap jackets/trousers (just like all the flightsuits).

I think the ship kits have been almost universally atrocious, ugly, and poorly thought out, so whilst the idea of themed interiors sounds good, based on the whole history of Elite's cosmetic options, the end result would be bad.

Aside from that, the most basic colour changes for various elements within the cockpit would be nice. I think Saud Kruger make some great, stylish looking ships, but their interiors kinda look cheap and tacky (still more comfortable looking than most other ships, ergo what I'd prefer to be staring at on long exploration trips, but SK dashboards aren't nearly as stylish or striking as they should be).
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