For what it's worth, I'm done.

I know nobody cares, not now, but I wanted to write this, so forgive me, please.

Okay, technically DW2 ended at Beagle Point.

But I'm not one for 'technically'.

Eight months since we set off, and with an eight week stop in Colonia along the way, I've reached the Pallaeni beacon.

When we started, I wondered if I'd be back before October (when I won't be playing for a while, because of my Distant Parts Of France 3 expedition), so, yep, back before October. I've travelled something like 190,000Ly since then - should've noted what I was on exactly at the time I set off, really - had an entry added to the EDSM, and explored rarely-visited regions of the far 'northwestern' quadrant. And now I'm done, and it's over, and that's all there is to say.
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