Formidine Rift - Is there still a mystery to be solved?

So, I've been away from Elite for a while - just getting back into things. I'm wondering if the Formidine Rift is yesterday's news, or whether or not there's still a mystery to be solved related to the rift? I know about the megaship, secret bases (abandoned), etc. But is that all? Is there something more, and, if so, can someone provide data related to the ongoing mystery? Cheers.
I watched one of Drew Wagar's streams a couple of months ago where he said that he understood that there were still things to find in the the area from the Heart and Soul nebulas out towards what is now delineated as the Formidine Rift. That may have changed though from the time when he was an Elite author.

I spent a lengthy period scanning various areas with my other commander and surprisingly found many systems undiscovered in/near the Eafots Sector, so it is far from impossible that other things remain hidden even fairly close to the abandoned bases.
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As the logs at the abandoned bases speak of ships in distress, I thought that there would be a chance of finding some vessels that may have crashed. If such a thing does exist, this should now be a little bit easier with the updated scanning system.

The trouble is no one really knows if anything remains and what if anything has been retconned. If anything was found then it would spark the interest in that area again.
I’m out there now with my alt account. After returning from Beagle Point with DW2 I thought it was time to go out towards the Rift. The Formidine storyline happened before I joined the game so I’ll be happy just to read some logs and have a look around, but I’ll always have the hope of finding something mysterious and undiscovered out there.

On the way, I came from the Crab Nebula, I discovered an eighty seven body system which is my largest yet on either account but as yet nothing outstanding, scary or even slightly mysterious.
I was there shortly after the introduction of the FSS. This area is still huge and I don't think it makes sense to randomly toddle around there without further hints.
This,^. currently i'm headed for colonia, then Sag A, and then beagle point. I headed there after the last big update, visited a couple sectors around the heart and soul nebulae, and the 4 settlements in eafoots again. I didn't go for the mega ship(I think it is called zurara). The area is huge, there are thousands upon thousands of undiscovered systems, and as picommander noted, without further hints or bearings, no way I'm headed there again.
Went beyond to the edge of the galaxy and boy, too much space to search.
I'm out there now, for the first time.

I was a little surprised when I finally reached the Formidine Rift Alpha Site, which is supposed to be a big accomplishment to find, only to meet a Harmless NPC Sidewinder orbiting around (Jem Rous, IIRC). I was flying in Open, so seeing a contact on my scanner gave me a start until I realized that it was not hollow. :D

You can see him just above and to the right of the gateway.

He kept circling overhead as I explored the site with my SRV, and eventually just parked himself 800m astern my ship.

When I left I stopped to say hello, but he kept quiet.

Been in the rift for quite some time now (aproximately 3 Month). I saw some NPC´s there as well. My first idea was, get back to the bubble, buy a wake scanner, come back to the rift and eventually when i find a NPC again i want follow him and see where i end up. Anyone tried this before?
I had a similar idea when I was messing about in the NGC 7822 sector and came across the Gorgon Research Facility ( impressive station especially if you are a miner. ). I was wondering where the heck all these ships would be going to especially with the added fact there is only one faction and the nearest other is hundreds of light years away. It's a good idea Commander. It's just a loooong haul.
I would suggest any one reading this who is preparing for an exploration tour to the rift bring a wake scanner. I myself am on my way back to get one. When somebody comes across a ship (NPC's) follow it, scan its wake and post the destination here. When we have enough info eventually we will be able to see a pattern or boil down the interesting areas we should search to a minimum.
(Btw sry for my bad English)
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I actually do plan on heading to the rift. However, I would have to hike back to the bubble to strip down my mk II and equip a wake scanner. Also is it possible to traverse the rift with only a 22 ly range?
I actually do plan on heading to the rift. However, I would have to hike back to the bubble to strip down my mk II and equip a wake scanner. Also is it possible to traverse the rift with only a 22 ly range?
You will have to travel a lot further to make the rift. But if you are into exploring it can be done. But you will not get any shortcuts.
I plan on going after my stay at Colonia. I plan to unlock all the engineers there and then head to the rift. I never explore without my Xeno Scanner and Wake Scanner. I'm going to pick up Research Limpets at Colonia as well. 07
@Tigorath, Thanks for the advice . However I decided to use my 47ly range dbx, after learning that a certain part of the rift has star 30 ly apart. Furthemore, I am leaving the inner orion spur> sangingoeuns rim> elyshian shore> to the rift.
I’m out there now. 3 ships just hovering over me. Sidewinder, Asp and Adder. Going to collect so goodies and try to follow them.
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