Forum Ship of the Year 2017: Round 1 - The things we launch

Welcome CMDR's,

It's time for us to decide the Forum Ship of the Year 2017!

Last year we had a series of poll's in the forums over several weeks which was a huge success. However this year we have no poll as such or a least not the old 'radio button' technology. This year we've gone fully interactive!

All you have to do is make a post in this thread telling us which ship has your vote for this category, simple. Every couple of days I will start a new category and voting will begin again until we have have our finalists which will be entered into a poll ending at midnight .

Today we begin with all things launched from a ship that are not weapons!

This can be anything from a SLF to a type of limpet or perhaps you prefer the SRV? Which ever it is tell us here and see how many others agree with you.

Perhaps you had a great adventure in an SLF or were saved by a fuel limpet, tell us why you think your choice is the best.

Let the voting commence and may the best ship launched thingy win!

Voting so far. (Votes for ships do not count this round so they have been ignored)

2 x GU-97 Aegis F Imperial SLF
1 x Collector Limpets
1 x Research Limpets
12 x SRV
2 x Heatsinks
1 x Taipan
1 x Camera Drone
1 x Escape Pod
1 x Fuel transfer limpet
2 x Canister of Narcotics - Ask Ninj & Verminstar ;)

And the winner is... the SRV!

The last one is our very own CMDR Bomba Luigi saluting myself on Planet Wilson. :)
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Well, now that I started reading the books (only one chapter in though) I really despise the Empire, but I can't deny that the GU-97 Aegis F Imperial SLF is my most favoritest ship to fly.

Fast + maneuverable + expendable = Fun!
Hard to decide, each of my ships has a role for which it's best fit and built. But in the end it's probably my flagship Corvette.
Research Limpets, cos probing the 'goids is poetic justice. [up]

And, more seriously, sneaking up on a 'goid and then giving them a good probing really is properly fun gameplay.
Shiplaunched fighters are nice and I really like the Condor buuuuut - gotta be the SRV. Very fun and other then the SLFs works without the need of having a ship close by. And at the end of the day it offers a much more diffrent way of playing in the form of driving.

Well, i really appreciate them after the evac missions. But my serious vote goes to:

Taipan Fighter (midnight black, faoff with beams, hilarious fun)
The SRV, hands down, no contest.

The SRV is the reason why I bought Horizons (and the reason why I'm entirely happy with Horizons).

It's a marvel of engineering, surprisingly tough but incredibly manoeuverable and an absolute joy to "flive" across the surface of low-g worlds.

Following this week's Lave Radio I was pondering my own personal highlights of 3303 and, in-game, I think it has to be my circumnavigation of Pleione 3A in an SRV.


I just had such a great time doing that. The scenery was stunning, the immersion quite overwhelming at times, the response and support from the community (both in the forum thread and from the people who came out to find me in-game) absolutely fantastic and the SRV? Like I say, just an absolute joy!!!

I have so many videos from my SRV experiences this year but here's two that I particularly like.

The first is from the last day of my circumnavigation when fellow SRV enthusiast Cmdr Tannik Seldon came to drive alongside me for the last 100km or so.


And the second is from a Buckyball Race earlier in the year entitled "The Aquarian Job".


SRV - you rock!

Special mention for the GU-97 Imperial Fighter tho. I think it's the most extraordinary looking little ship and I had an absolute hoot trying to get one inside an alien base earlier in the year.


Also a damn good little canyon racing ship too!

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Butbutbut Alec, that's an Imperial Fighter in your video...

This is Taipan:

EDIT: You ninja-edited your post, I see. :)
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Collector Limpets - I love seeing those little guys zooming around doing all the work for me when collecting a whole field of stuff :)
You are Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg AICMFP -

For me the SRV from a Cobra MkIII. I've gone back to one to run missions and with even just a little bit of engineering it's a fast manoeuvrable perfect ship to planet hopping, scanning and evading the fuzz. Oh and it has the fastest method of getting an SRV back in I have found so far, you just drive fast and crash into the back of the front undercarriage leg. You get no SRV damage and you are perfectly on the blue button to be lifted in, no back and forth you get on some to find the sweet spot.
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i like the SRV of course as without it surface stuff is boned... but i think the Taipan nicks it for me.

its cockpit in VR is ace, so claustrophobic I wish it was an option in CQC
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