Forum Ship of the Year 2017: The Final Countdown!

Welcome CMDR's,

It's time for the final vote. You have 24 hours to vote for the winner of Forums Ship of the Year 2017!

Here's how you do it. List the entrants in the order you think they rank considering any factors you wish. Not sure and only list 1 or 2, well not a problem as I've devised a fiendish scoring system to calculate the overall winner!

May the best vessel win!

The contenders.

From the 'Things you can Launch' we have the mighty SRV!


Representing 'Exploration' the Anaconda!


Truckers of the Bubble inc. Hutton chose the Python!


And finally for combat it had to be the Vulture!


Remember to list you votes in order.

The final results will be published on the 2nd of January in the morning, until then no counts will be displayed so as to not influence the voting.

Have a great New Years CMDR's!

(would put the Python and Vulture equal in joint 2nd if your scoring system can handle that)
Python* Begrudgingly I have to admit it is versatile enough to be a worthy second place, it is the Volvo Estate / Vauxhall Zafira of spaceships, versatile but soulless

My Anaconda, The Helping Hand, has helped me (and new Players) get on well out amongst the stars. I had a Python for a while (and I may have another in the future; who can tell), and she helped me put together the resources to buy The Helping Hand. I have a couple of SRVs, and they are useful little vehicles (but, in my case, they also have the ability to make me car sick!!!). I have not owned a Vulture (although I have flown one in the Training Missions) so I could not form an opinion on them.
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