Forum Ship of the Year 2018: There can be only one!

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Welcome CMDR's!
To the 3rdAnnual

Forum Ship of the Year.

Now that we've all had a chance to fly around in 3.3 it's time for the voting to start in our yearly festive competition to find the most loved of all the ships in Elite Dangerous. Since last years vote there have been several new ships added to the Elite galaxy, all of which have found a place in many CMDR's fleet but can any of them stand up to the mighty Python or Anaconda both of which have won before.

Only you can decide!

Voting rules this year will be as follows:

  • You have 3 votes
  • You can only vote for each ship once
  • You can vote for the SRV and SLF's
  • Vote order is unimportant as all will score the same
  • In the event of a tie a face off will be called in which you will get to decide the winner.
  • Mods can vote but I reserve the right to ignore anything they say
(Especially the cheating exploiter known as Dusty)

Before I let you get started I'd like to thank Frontier for all the hard work that has gone into Beyond. You've given us some fantastic new toys to play with in so many areas of the game along with great support for us,the customers. You've also expanded the community team with some really great people who've fit right in with the fans of all your games. Without you non of what we achieve in Elite would be possible, on behalf of myself and I'm sure a great number of the forum users.

Thank-you Frontier Developments!

EDIT: Voting ends on December 30th - Winner will be announced on December 31st.
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@Stigbob I love you just for your sign. Space 1999 the best serie ever known. :D

Edit: and noticed your disguised avatar! :D :D :D
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*Now when all compartment restrictions are gone [yesnod]. How many are aware of that, and that it can also have an SLF aboard?

And nr. 4 would be the Type-7. It can be a wonderful explorer with a high jump range, lot’s of big compartments and a great view from the cockpit. I now have two. Highly recommended.
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Krait MK II
(Last one was hard. I had to flip a coin between Chieftain and Challenger. )
Alliance Challenger, for being the ship of my choice for piracy ops with non-lethal attempt
Eagle, for Nostalgia and Cockpit design
Mamba, for being a speedboat and based on what the forum proposed as "change of shipframe" to the original FDL introduction ;)

[Yes, no Kraits. I am not happy with the Krait.]
Thanks for the post Mr Mallory, and I big thanks to. FD.

Cobra. III ftw surely.?
And maybe the :
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