Forum Updates - July 19 2018

Brett C

Not sure what you mean. I'm talking about the NEW POSTS button on top of the forum, right next to FORUM and NEW DISCUSSIONS.


Just in case it matters (these buttons may be in different places in other themes), I'm on Elite Orange [Fixed]

NEW POSTS search is regularly above 10 seconds now. That is pretty unusual to me.
Check now? Have clamped down on it.
Check now? Have clamped down on it.
Yep, fixed! For now at least... Good job. :)


Nope. Whatever you do, it gives a massive boost for the search speed (~1 sec) but soon falls back to sluggish (10 sec+) behavior. Is by any chance cleaning a cache what you are doing which then seems to fill up too soon perhaps?

Now. Someone's kidding me? Immediately after my update it's super fast again. Somehow I feel pretty dumb now... :p

Search speed is heavily fluctuating now.
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The forums do auto-prune old (and i mean OLD) subscriptions. This generally happens when a thread is old and has no had any new updates in quite some time. I think its one year at last check.
Well that's not very helpful for those of us that keep threads for reference purposes (guides, tips etc. etc.). Serves me right for relying on the forum and not using bookmarks I guess.
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