Found An Object Not Shown In The Codex

So I was heading through the galactic center on my way to Beagle Point when I stopped at a Stellar Phenomena site. I expected the usual crystal structures, and found nothing short of that. However, I came across an energy anomaly. Nothing new, so I scanned it, but this time without a result. I tried again a few times, but the same thing happened. I opened the Codex and found that there was an entry to a "K-10 Type Anomaly," but not the "K-11 Type Anomaly" that was in front of me. Below are two links to clips displaying it's location and nature, but perhaps there is some clarification to what's going on here? Either it just wasn't entered into the Codex, or this is a new discovery. Thoughts?

Informational: Kid 115/9a091cab-bd83-4c95-8fe7-b47a85ebe200

Less-Informational: Kid 115/a012765e-1f92-4cdf-af52-612dee1daa8f
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