Found what could be 3 phantom nebulae

Greetings Cmdts, I'm Carlos Sagan, and I've just passed through sagitarius and rejoined DW2, along with my faction partners. For reasons of order of our fleet is a more advanced PR to the point of Beagle.

The important thing! From about 1000 AL, if I remember correctly, leaving the center of the galaxy direction beagle point, I began to notice 3 areas of the galaxy with a dark color and ghostly blue. I thought my eyes looked bad and jump ... jumping star a star approaching a beagle point I saw that the lights were "persistent" specters.

The anomaly, then, even that Perfectly distinguishes 3 dark bodies and with a blue glow of ultra as if it were a dark nebulosan is shown to the naked eye on the map of the galaxy

PD, this text has been translated with Google Translate. I feel the discomfort;)


After a few days of research, I have come to the conclusion that they are not nebulae, they are above the galaxy, at a distance that is impossible to reach but closer than it is and it does not reflect on the map of the galaxy like other lights of our universe, be it andromeda or the austral lights.

The objects themselves are of enormous dimensions, which exceeds the dimensions of the nevulas that we know today in the elite world. All the groups have the same characteristics and discover the probability that they are the remains of a galaxy absorbed by ours.

I hope this is of interest to the research and exploration groups such as canon and raxxla seekers.

PD, this text has been translated with Google Translate. I feel the discomfort;)
Yes, they are other galaxies, painted on the skybox but unreachable in-game. Some of them are satellite galaxies of the MIlty Way, some are larger, more remote independent galaxies. There are about 30 of them people have found, not including Andromeda and the Magellanic Clouds. You can find the complete catalogue of them and discussion about them in this old thread.
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