Four Trains on a coaster Track

Dear Friends, I need your help. I've built a linear-coaster with four Trains. When Train 1 is filled with guests the train is starting and is waiting 10 sec before he is riding. When Train 1 had left the Station Train 2 is starting to enter the Station and the guests will take place. Now I want that Train 2 is riding to the starting Position but he's still waiting until Train 1 has completed the coaster track. Now my question: What is to do that Train 2 is starting during train 1 is riding? The waiting time is set to 20s per max; same for the Intervall.
you need to use block brakes for another train to leave. Once train 1 passes the first pair of block brakes train 2 is free to go.

The typical way to go about this is you have a block brake section mid run of the track and then another block brake section right before the station
Thank you very much. I have placed four block brakes in the starting area of the coaster exactly like in front of the station, so that I can use four trains. Now I have the following facts:
Train 1 is leaving the Station and is stopping at the first block brake. Train 2 is entering the station and is stopping. When the guests had taken place after the waiting time of 20s, train 2 is leaving the station during train 1 had taken place before the linear Motor. After the fixed time of 10s Train 1 starts the ride while train 2 goes forward to the next block brake. When the guests had taken place after the waiting time of 20s, train 3 is leaving the station and stops at the next block brake. When the guests had taken place after the waiting time of 20s, train 4 is leaving the Station and stops at the block brake. Now train 2, train 3 and train 4 are still waiting until train 1 has entered the Station. But that's not what i want. I want to have a frequently riding (One Train in the station, one train in the waiting position before the station and one ore two trains which are riding.) I know that there is a way to do that, but at the moment I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
To be frank you have too many trains on your track. Unless you have an extremely long coaster you really don't need more than 2 and you just need to time your train departures so that no train is stopped on the track
Get rid of your waiting interval.
It all relies on peep loading/unloading time. Each block section you create needs to be equal to or less than the loading time. Like tyczj suggests, you may not ever get the results you desire if your track isn't long enough to support four trains.
In your case where you want a train to wait before launch, you can have a short block, but all the rest need to be close to loading time.
to buffer out variation in loading times, put the break sections at the end of the ride, just before the station, not at the start of the ride...

station --> most of ride --> break - break - break --> station.

then reduce the number of trains, until the waits seem ok.
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