Foxes. More Foxes. Less Foxy Coffee and more fluffy, furry, curious companions.

Fennec fox is a must have. Honestly one of the most adorable animals at the local zoo.

Hopefully we can get them in with a Sahara themed DLC with some of the other missing animals: addax, scimitar-horned oryx, dromedary camel, etc.

Might get arctic foxes with the polar DLC that's almost certain to happen at some point (polar bear, penguin, reindeer, muskox, etc).
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I'd love to see a species of fox as well. The two species I would love to see most are the corsac (a really active and attractive species from the Asian steppes - it also has a seasonal coat change like the arctic fox, going from a thin sandy-brown coat in summer to a much thicker off-white coat in winter) and the grey (has a wide temperature and habitat tolerance and is the most arboreal of the foxes - would love to be able to have climbing frames for the species).

And although it isn't technically a fox (they look similar but are more closely related to wolves), I would also love to see the culpeo or Andean fox. It is intermediate in size between a red fox and a coyote, would add a South American mountain species to the game and was even domesticated by people (although the domestic culpeo or Fuegian dog is now extinct). There is a picture of a wild culpeo in the link below, for those unfamiliar with what they look like.

So yes, two true foxes and one not-quite fox that I would really like. But any species would be much appreciated by myself.
what size would foxes have in game? nearly the same as pangolins? this is very small.
"Normal" Foxes - like the red Fox, can have a shoulder height of 40 cm while being 1.30 in length, so a little less than a wolf. Some foxes get up to 60 cm, (maybe even bigger, I don't know the averages of all fox subspecies), while reaching up to 1.60 in length. I guess this is an exception, but I don't think that foxes would be too small for the game. The smallest fox would be the Fennec, with 30 to 40 cm in length, making it the size of a pangolin.
This is Daphne. She's a Marble Fox. She waits patiently to be added to the game.

But you know... No pressure. :)
That's a domesticated colour morph, not a wild animal. That sort of thing has no place in a game like Planet Zoo.

Personally I wouldn't be surprised if we yet see the Arctic fox. I get the feeling Frontier is probably going to look at the Arctic wolf backlash and get to work rectifying it in some manner. I have nothing against the Arctic wolf itself, or against copy-paste animals, but it did feel like a major copout given how badly the community wanted the fox.
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