FPS Co-Op, Turrets, Fences & Camps

For 'Space Legs' should it ever happen...This is how I'd like it to be...


  1. Ship discovers alien base or accepts mission...
  2. You and Co-Op wing mates land on outskirts of underground/overground base.
  3. Get out of your ship seat.
  4. Walk to Internal cockpit door into Medium sized or Large ships internal hallway leading to other ship rooms (mission equipment/repairs/medic/engineering).
  5. Armoury/accessories/camp room with storage for deployable portable gun turrets, energy fences ala. the movie Forbidden Planet, hand guns/weapons, scanners, medic equipment, scientific/biological gathering reaserch equipment, helmet. Ready up for exit to either a recon mission, co-op or single-player alien camp/base infiltration/info gathering/destruction.
  6. Go to ships airlock door or lift, enter, press buttons to open airlock door/activate lift and walk out seamlessly no loading screen...as you exit added steam, smoke/gas coming out still glowing with heat engine exhausts blowing around if atmosphere.
  7. Point defence of ship can be left active or a new feature rear door ship defence etc. as well as deploying ground turrets outside or inside energy fence players or Rovers places around ship or all wing ships as a temporary landing area/camp.
  8. Rovers still required for difficult terrain and so on... and they have door access to their storage area for fps co-op equipment, spare ammo, oxygen tanks, flamer weapon.
  9. Clever A.I. on legs aliens/monsters...if players are overrun and need to abort mission, aliens/zombie/ghost/energy monsters can chase players back to player camp/ships...
  10. Ships need more time to ready up/warm up engines for a more terrifying experience...ship defences needed while engines warm up.
  11. Aliens etc. can attack ship doors with weapons and claws etc leaving dents and scars...they can break in if door is badly damaged...an in ship fight ensues. Ship airlock may need repaired if successful expulsion of aliens.
  12. Ships have Alien/biological cargo storage or a special containment room.
  13. Aliens can escape if certain circumstances occur...in ship battle or ejection pod required to survive...maybe larger ships only.

All a fantasy wish list that I really would love to see and with many situational variations possible and a whole new game to program :/...but maybe a cut down version would still be possible?
Like many, Id like space legs in even a simple form, but I am really looking for more depth and gameplay in and around my ship(s).

14. Friendly A.I. shipmates for co-op single-player or leaving behind to defend ships with hand weapons or operate manual deployed turrets.
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I fear that Star Citizen will be released before Space legs are.
But love the ideas. I think it could bring a whole new depth of gameplay.
I really like most of your ideas :) I just can't help but notice that most of you guys seem to be rather new or not that invested in the forums.
If you search long enough, you'll see that these (good)ideas were already posted lots of times, and when eventually someone from the dev team would join in the conversation, he would simply say something like this : "We love your ideas, but space legs is a long way down the road".

I think, and this is purely my opinion, that space legs will probably never happen. There is yet so much more to do concerning planets we already can land on... even something completely new like gas giants (which is still not atmospheric planets) is not even announced yet, not even a single hint about any developpment. Knowing space legs is the thing they'll probably do last, I don't think the game has a long enough lifespan to see it ever take place....
Just wanted to see it in writing one last time in naive hope it would magically make them just do it :)

Been lurking in various corners for a long time spurting out this same idea in hope it happens somewhere in some game properly one day (played elite for first time around 1986 I think...remember my primary 6 or 7 teacher cheekily getting a game in on the class BBC micro on a floppy disk haha!).

I agree, I think the space-legs thing is just a carrot to lead us on in false hope. But I'll be happy if I'm wrong.

Thanks for the kind words, and nice to post with you all :)
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