FPS's - Why Am I So Rubbish

There is definitely some kind of cheating going on. Also you need to be in an organised squad to stand a chance, other wise everyone runs around thinking they are Rambo.

Campers are a real issue.

The original idea for Fortnite was good. It needs to be separated into appropriate age groups,

Decent is getting a remake.

is CQC still a thing?
I've seen it explained in a way that as you get older, one year becomes a smaller fraction of your life (for a 10y/o, year is a 1/10th of their life long, for a 50y/o it's 1/50th) so that kind of makes sense.
But when Y2K came, I said "damn it's already ten years since 80s, and I still kind of have this feeling when I see year 20xx, although it's now twenty. :LOL:
I experience a lot of 'ageism' these days.
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