Framerate performance - GPUs GTX1060 and RX480 + others

This is quite a good topic, So i thought might as well debate on it.. As of now the RX 480 vs 1060 war is still pretty vague. You see 1060 getting ahead or vice versa. Some AMD titles that are well optimized for the 480's architecture are still taking advantage of the gpu while the story is same. Me, i personally think 1060 is better in terms of other features as well, feel free to change my opinion. Also i've seen a lot of people losing the race because of the bad 1060 variant they have. I personally didnt skimp out on my Gtx 1060 variant and got it from amazon lately. So what you folks think? 480 is a great card I agree but 1060 is the way to go!
My custom desktop PC started off with an AMD R9 390. But that GPU became faulty within it's warranty so requested I exchange it for a GTX 1070 and pay the difference.

I think GTX GPU's are better. They're popular among the younger players, and they have a MUCH more reliable PVR system to, NVidia Shadowplay. Tried AMD's Raptr and got a bunch of black screen recorded videos, with my former AMD GPU. No problems recording using NVidia Shadowplay. And it's just so much easier to use.

Under my warrant they did give me the option to go for the AMD 480, but that GPU is weaker and has less cores than a GTX 1070 and even an AMD R9 390.
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