General / Off-Topic France beats the USA dream team at the basketball world cup!!!!!

The last time this happened was in 2006. But it wasn't in a competition.

Sure, USA aligned a C team, but honestly that's on them.

WHO aligns a C team in a world cup!

Anyone here to say that France only knows how to lose ? XD

Maybe another world cup under the belt? Who knows!!!!

AND the nightmare continues for the dream team as they are DOMINATED by Serbia!!!!!!!!

I read that Americans are indifferent to the World Cup.

For them the most important are the Olympic Games.

At the end of the Biarritz G7, Donald said that the France is a very great country. (y)

This is confirmed here. (y)

This is the first time I've heard of the FIBA, but I am far too far out of touch with sports to know if this is because I'm out of touch with sports or because they're not mentioned in the States.
Completely deserved for Argentina. France was certainly not in the game.
I did not see the match but I guess the team was tired after the match against USA.

I read this morning that the French were complaining about long trips between cities to play the matchs. To play against the Argentina, the French made a trip by train of a duration of eight hours.
Yeah, China's railroad system is not up to par of the French one. Sure they have some high speed trains, but they are very few and only connect a few cities.

I once had to make a train trip in china that took a bit more of 9 hours, and the train was....

Prehistoric, to be kind.
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