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So launch day and yesterday the franchise market was great, full of pages upon pages on animals. Today there is almost nothing. There are 0 habitat animals for cash, which doesnt bother me too much at this point but will be hard for someone just starting, and total there are 3 pages of animals, a full one which is just lions. We really need the AI go generate random animals for the market, or I dont feel like franchise will be playable except on weekends.
Maybe they fixed it from today's launch, idk, but I just started Franchise mode and was surprised at how many animals were on the market, considering quite a few people were saying there were no animals. There was also loads of animals for cash only as well.

EDIT: Sorry I forgot it's midnight now so your "yesterday" post was actually the day of the patch 😂 My point still stands though, tons and tons of animals for me to buy.
I wonder if its region specific. Because I am still on now and there are literally 2 pages of animals. 0 cash listings. And like 3 different species. Lions, tigers, and then a couple of a and ends.
Wow weird. Maybe it is? It makes sense for it to be region based, but what doesn't make sense is for there to be so few animals, especially cash animals, since they're Frontier animals.
Yeah I have been on for like... 8 hours straight at least this evening. I have not seen a SINGLE cash listing. I have never seen more than 3 pages of animals and that 3rd has always had 2 or 3 animals on it tops
That sucks :/ Because yeah for me the cash listings refresh almost as fast as they sell out and it's usually 3-4 pages each time - and that's just cash only. Hopefully Frontier can give some insight into this :)
Probably a bug with filters, check and uncheck whatever filter you can, it worked for me with the favorite filter.
Probably a bug with filters, check and uncheck whatever filter you can, it worked for me with the favorite filter.
Trust me I tried. I filtered by species, checking aardvark, wild dog, etc etc then just checking all species. Have rebooted the game, steam, the computer. I'm getting off for the night but it's frustrating that out of 70+ animals in the game I have seen maybe 5.
What you all are seeing stems from the basic fact that there whether it is a bug or not, the market doesn't always return the same results each time. So doing anything that causes it to reload results will often get you wildly different returns.
So I just got on this evening. 2 pages in my market. Clicked the little heart on top and then clicked it again. 237 pages.
I reinstalled the game an reinclude the savegames. Issue was fixed after that. I wonder that repair the game did not work. However im happy to play again.
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