Franchise Mode: Min/Max CC Listing Values

As we have all seen with the current Gorilla challenge, the market in Franchise mode can def be , and people are taking advantage of that.

It doesn't help that this challenge doesn't promote putting them back in the market, since you want to release them. It makes it a sellers market, and people are taking advantage of that. Selling all red/all yellow Gorillas for like 5K CC or more. Every challenge should include the same thing whether you release or trade. Or they should only be trade, like the tigers challenge. I agree that it's very stupid how it currently is, and people are being s.

I personally think the best suggestion for the trading market, REGARDLESS of the community challenge, is that the trades should have a min/max CC. For example, the min CC you could put something on the market for would not be able to go lower than the "release to wild" CC value. And then based on the stats of the animal, there would be a max CC cap that you could put it on the market for. That'd make it so if there really was a 5K CC animal on the market, they would have like 100's across the board, and all green. Which I think IS fair and fine. But yeah, it's that people can put all red/all yellow animals on the market for crazy high prices with nothing to lose.

Another idea to help this problem would be to make it so you are actually charged 5-10 CC to list an animal on the market. Thus, if people put poor animals on the market for ridiculous prices, and no one buys them, they would be penalized (losing the 5-10 CC for the listing). Right now, there is no penalty to shoot for the moon and attempt to sell your all red poor animal for 5K CC.
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