FREE on Steam - Company of Heroes 2 [ENDED], CS:GO goes free to play

World War 2 real-time strategy game "Company of Heroes 2" is currently being given away for FREE on Steam right now to celebrate its 5th Anniversary!

Steam page:

The offer ends 10AM Pacific Time on Monday, December 10th (6PM GMT) [OFFER HAS NOW ENDED]

It's a hefty 30GB in size but it doesn't actually have to be installed straight away. Do click Install on the steam page though before the deadline to claim it and to get the confirmation that it's registered to your Steam account.


And in other news, "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" has just gone free-to-play on Steam with a new battle-royale mode too...
Steam page:


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I've been watching these tournament plays recently. The way they play looks nothing like my experience. I guess they have at least double my actions / second and all the hotkeys memorised. There's unit abilities I've never even used.

CoH 2 is kinda a worthy successor to CoH 1. The LoS mechanics are top notch and allow for ambushes and hide and seek. Yes, sometimes I unexplicably gain +50% clickrate and play like the young ones. The cash shop kinda ruined a lot of it and the earning of commanders takes forever. Still, mods can unlock all the content, the commander stuff is kinda interesting when battling pvp and you get to maybe counterpick a doctrine.
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