Release FreeAttack - Limited free VoiceAttack alternative


due to the fact that Voice Attack didn't work for me for some reason, i have bult a verry limited alternative.
It utilizes the Windows 10 speech recognition engine to process voice commands.
Those can be connected to (sort of) macros and answers that are being processed by the M$ TTS engine.

What it is about (if you don't know voice attack):
This tool allows you to react on voice commands with key presses and spoken answers. Thus, you can create the immersion of "speaking to your ship's AI"

PLEASE NOTE: This is an alpha release with lots of bugs and missing features. Also, it's ugly.
But it's working :)

Windows 10
DotNet Framework 4.5

-Only english (or system language, haven't tested it)
-Only keyboard input
-No profiles
-Only TTS output



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