Friends don't get paid

Hi! I am fairly new to Elite on Ps4, invited my friend to my ship, was doing some exploration discovery of planets, also did a nav beacon scan, and some delivery of cargo, but my friend didn't get anything for all of that, I can fr my life not figure out what I'm doing wrong? can someone be so kind to explain what to do. Thanks
You're not doing anything wrong. Multicrew don't get paid for exploration credits, nor the other things you mention. I think they only get paid for combat-related duties?

It's just one more reason why very few people use Multicrew.
Ah thanks for replying so fast, that explains it, is there any other way my friend could get paid to? lets say if we would do cargo hauling?
You can also multi crew and get trade dividend. Same as wing mining
What is Trade Dividend? I was doing little mining, i invited friend in Multi-crew, we got to station sold the goods, but friend didnt get a single credit. Does he gets something he has to sell or exchange?
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