From The Prospect to HD 63154 in 7 minutes @ 116ly a jump! (Myself)

I want this video to get media because nobody knows how to use the premium Fsd Injection correctly. Sorry there is no commentary because I wanted my video to be Raw Footage of a 232 ly jump!
I know how to use the premium FSD injection correctly. What makes you think I don't?
Also I don't want to watch your video to "get media" as I assume it's a kind of click bait thing with your claim of a 232 ly jump!
Post your ship load out, not a video to prove the 116 ly jump range.
<3 your snarky comments :)
As I see it, it's just the nature of the forum. Besides your OP is full of falsehoods.
One being that you presume that no one knows how to use the Premium FSD injections correctly and the other being the claim that you did a 232 ly jump with just a Premium FSD injection. No ship can jump 116 ly (232 ly with premium FSD jumponium), that kind of range is only possible with a neutron boost or a Fleet Carrier. And because of the apparent falsehoods I see your video as just what I said, Click Bait.
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