Frontier 25 - Jurassic World Evolution Community Activity


Community Manager

Hi everyone,

It's our 25th anniversary here at Frontier Developments! We're so happy to have been able to create games for a whole 25 years, and we have our wonderful communities to thank for it.

To celebrate 25 years and many more, we're giving you the chance to unlock the brand new, never before seen Stegosaurus Vivid cosmetic gene. All you need to do is release 25,000 Stegosauruses in your parks as a community between 24 - 31 January.

If you manage to get all of those Stegosauruses released before the cut off date, a new update will be available for everyone to download across all platforms with this beautiful new skin!

Remember, 25,000 Stegosaurus released between 24 - 31 January as a community, and the skin is yours.

Good luck, everyone!
I will start this weekend might take me 5 hours but I will get it done.
Ps. If you want to add me on xbox my name is,
InboundPlayer68 and RmMunkey
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